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Website Broker Script

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Our Website Broker Script is the marketplace for buying and selling the readymade websites, domain names, and various other scripts.It is the single store marketplace for the buying unlimited numbers of the sites or scripts with reliable and flexible user interface and functions, this script will be helpful for the part-time business workers to buy and sell the websites, domainsand also the new entrepreneurs who like to start over the business can also take over this business script to make the profitable business without any backend technical knowledge about the script.

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In our Website Marketplace Script the users can register their account by entering the valid mail id and password, the account confirmation is sent through via mail, then the user can log-in to the profile and can choose the membership plansby clicking member’s listings showcase like Platinum, Gold, Silver and Free websites.The user can enroll their site name, description, images, status, URL, daily visitors and page views etc. Then the user can also enter the site available or not, asking price, disk price etc. This option is also available for domain buying and selling in our script.

This Marketplace Software can show the user requirement websites based on the membership listings with pricing list, then users can also place a bid, and then the payments are done through the secure online PayPal payment. The user can view and manage the accounts, membership plans, payments, domains, and websites etc. This Marketplace Script will make good brand mark in selling and buying the website or domain because our experience team experts were developed this script with analysis of revenue marketing script and designed with user-friendly customization.

In this Buy and Sell Website Script the admin can manage the entire site by viewing the user account details, payments details, bidding details, number of active and inactive website listings details etc, are managed by the admin. It is the best revenue model script for the admin by getting the revenue by using banner ads, Google advertisement etc and also he can modify or necessity to change the site title, logo, images and website URL.
This is the good time to start the Website Broker Script with help of our emergingscript because nowadays the people get more awareness about the needs of the websites and free from fake websites and domains, so this will be perfect marketplace for them to buy and sell the websites.

We have good mark experience in developing the web design and development, in creating cloning scripts, creating the brand-free site, we also offer 6 months free update services, SEO-friendly URL for the site and 24×7 technical support team help for your solution.


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