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Rental Products Script

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Rental product script is one of the more profit yielding solutions to start up the business because everyone likes to take the product as a rental for a while period of time to use. In some situation, it is difficult to get some products for the rent in a marketplace so this script gives decisive hike for the startups through this field to expand it as a long-term business in a digital infrastructure.

It is a growing demand business so we developed this Rental Listing Product Php Script with analyzed all of the rental market user’s expectations. Through this script can get any type of products like bikes, cars, laptop, camera, homes and office accessories etc can hire as a rent within the days they are in the need to that product. It is ways you to rent it easily whenever peoples who need it and handling the product through online is not hard to reach out the users.

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In our booking rental script, users can post the product in the specified category and subcategory as a rent for the day and further can change the period of days. Also, users can take a rent that other users posted products. It sends an automatic email if there is any notify from the borrower or renter side so it is easy regarding about the updates.

To make the search easier, there is a keyword search box is available for filtering like country, price, and rating to make the search effective and amazing comfort and can seek the product nearby to their location. For the help and support, there is a helpline is accessible by the users to be in touch with the admin. Users can give feedback by filling the form and submit it.

Admin panel is a powerful tool to the entire products control in the structure. Admin can add or delete the product which is posted in it, has rights to activate or deactivate the user account and manages the user reviews and easily change the location based on the point of a business target to their luxury. This equipment rental portal script is useful in setting your own e-commerce like a platform to superior customize on your own. The key features to buy this rental product script is, in rental packages users can rent a product for a day to months or year based on their convenience.

You do not need to aware of programming or technical knowledge in order to manage the script like booking management, sales management, inquiry & FAQ Management and admin can send the newsletters to the users. You can easily install our Rental Products Script on your server with simple steps to use. We are integrated with all the social media, users can post their product wherever they want. We are providing with white label solution which is become a valuable business to run on your own brand.


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