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Pay per click Revenue Script

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Pay per click Revenue Script is one of the easy ways to get paid by posting the ads. Earn money by starting your own convertible link shortening service. Allow the user to short the link and make them to earn profit for the link by post the ads in the link and share it.

User first shorts the Base URL and posts the ads like (Banner, Pop up & Full page ads). Before posting each and every ads user need to pay the ads Number of view like 1000 view for a 1 USD that means user should pay for posting advertising.It is one of the source incomes to the admin. Each and every viewed ads user will get the paid. The user have one job is to share they Shorter URL, so they can many money.

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Referral Revenue Script

Another important feature is that user can able to share the user id and get the sponsor commission as 20 % per year for friends earning.

User can able to share the service to their friends by share the URL it is managed by Referral menu in the dashboard.

How to create the ads: 

While click on the URL or create post and the user should fill the appropriate fields and need to purchase the Advertising rates before post their ads.

Advertising Rates

  • Worldwide country (all countries) 1 USD for 1000 visitors (it is managed by the admin)
  • Canada 4 USD for 1000 visitors (it is managed by the admin)
  • UK 5 USD for 1000 visitors (it is managed by the admin)
  • USA 5 USD for 1000 visitors (it is managed by the admin)

CPM (Cost Per Mille, thousands):

CPM is one important feature, where the Price can changes based on the different country; it is managed by the admin.

Ad Revenue Sharing Script: 

Withdrawal system

User will able to use the withdrawal option to withdraw their earnings from the ads they have posted. Admin can able to set the Minimum Withdrawal Amount and enable and disable the payment gateways if they want.

  • User can withdraw their earned profits using PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin, Web Money, Wallet Money and Bank Transfer.
  • User can withdraw amount only after minimum balance in the wallet
  • Captcha (Google) feature is available in the system after registration the GoogleCaptcha is enabled

Payment method:

Admin can able to manage the payment type and user can also pay through this for purchase ads:

  • Currency code
  • Wallet settings
  • Pay pal settings
  • Stripe settings
  • Payza Settings
  • Skrill Settings
  • Bitcoin Processor
  • Webmoney Settings
  • Perfect Money Settings
  • Payeer Settings
  • Bank Transfer Settings

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