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P2P lending MLM software / Lending and Borrowing MLM software

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In this current trend, Multilevel Marketing business is growing day to day. In that P2P lending MLM Software plays successive growth in the MLM business. Startup companies and entrepreneurs can make use of our script and earn high profit from the MLM business. The concept of the peer to peer MLM is donated based software. This plan is also called the gift plan or donation plan or money order plan. The concept of the Peer to Peer script is donating money to the required person and gets earnings thrice the amount of the investment. This Lending MLM software is the simple and successful strategy in the Multilevel Marketing Industry.

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There is no restriction; anyone can participate in our Peer to Peer MLM, the unlimited number of members can join in the system and get more earnings from the script. After the registration, the user needs to donate to the upline member or whomever the system instructed member, to get the upgrades level. It allows the user to give the donation and get a donation. Peoples from all over the world from any time can use of lending script, get and give money to others. This system is designed in 3 * 4 Peer to Peer MLM concepts. The user can view the current plan details, and they can easily upgrade their plan and payment details. The rank level up gradation mainly based on the performance of the users.

The main features of the Borrowing MLM Software are Gift plan, sponsor management, peer to peer earnings, user management, Referral bonus, profile management, payment management, testimonial, reward management, news and events management, membership management, transaction settings, powerful admin dashboard, secure coding, penalty system, feedback management, stock management and more on.

Without any technical knowledge, the admin can handle and manage the reward system, user, membership plan, stock, product details easily. The dashboard of the Marketplace Lending Script consists of transaction settings, mailing system, statistics, site features, and TDS management. This Peer to Peer software is developed with 100% open source PHP and MySQL.We designed this script with latest technologies which help more secure, fast, and easy to use.

For this Lending and Borrowing MLM script, we provide 1-year technical support, 6 month free updates of the source code and brand free. After purchasing the script, the site will be live within 24 hours. We are the leasing MLM Company, we providing different types of MLM Scripts according to the client business. Our mission is to provide the best MLM software to the clients with standard quality.


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