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Multilanguage MLM Insurance Plan Script

$399.00 $199.00

Our readymade MLM script has wide range of settings let you to run profitable MLM business in your own way. It will be provided with advanced multilevel marketing solution to help you to enhance your online marketing for the products.

We have time tested, proven PHP MLM script and a highly experienced team to assist in your success. Our MLM Insurance Software is the best solution for both corporate businesses and web entrepreneurs handling various activities of your professional MLM business.

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Our MLM Insurance Plan Script suits any type of MLM business concept. We design our MLM Insurance Software as perfect as possible, tested to be free of errors, easy to deploy, secure and with the maximum functions in a very user-friendly package. In addition, 8 years of experience we have developed the application; anyone can manage without any technical support with power administration.

Multilanguage MLM Insurance Plan Feature

  • Genealogy Tree View
  • Insurance subscription option
  • Direct & Indirect Referral Bonus
  • Royalty income
  • Waiver Premium
  • Sales Manager Management
  • Sub Administrator
  • Detailed Report generation

Advanced features:

  1. New user registration:
    1. Register with
      1. Personal information.
      2. Present business/occupation detail
      3. Payment detail.
      4. Charges information.
      5. Fill up the agent annual fee info, true and correct information, upline information.
  2. Exciting user login:
    1. Login with valid username and password.
  3. Dashboard
    1. Commission detail.
    2. E-wallet detail.
    3. Sale plot detail.
    4. Visual statistic of commission detail.
  4. Approval details
    1. Pending
      1. 1st level approval
      2. View 1st level approved applicant.
      3. Search for an applicant
    2. Approval
      1. View approved applicant details.
      2. Search for an applicant.
    3. Reject
      1. View rejected list.
      2. Search for an applicant.
  5. Booked plot
    1. View the booked plot detail.
    2. Search for a particular plot.
  6. Genealogy management
    1. View tree structure.
    2. View downline member’s detail.
      1. Sponsor id.
      2. Profile id.
      3. Sponsor name.
  7. Mailing system
    1. Compose mail.
    2. Manage inbox.
    3. Manage send mails.
    4. Manage trash mails.
  8. Product management.
    1. View the product detail.
    2. Buy the product detail.
  9. Promotions management
    1. View promotion detail.
    2. Search for a promotion detail.
  10. Commission management
    1. View commission detail.
    2. Search for a commission detail.
  11. Transaction management
    1. Send withdraw.
    2. Cancel withdraw.
  12. Profile management
    1. View and update the profile.
    2. Manage contact detail.
    3. Change password.
    4. Manage profile picture.
    5. User status.
    6. Posted blog detail.
  13. CMS management
  14. News management.
  15. Testimonial management.


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