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MMM Script-Peer to Peer Funding Script

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MMM business is the best place where the new users can startup their success growth by forming their network, so our team members have developed the MMM Clone Script in deep analysis on MMM business where the users can make the network of connections with peer to peer mutual aid fund script, where the users can get the best revenue model script by sharing the networks of the funds with the downline members. By using our script MLM customers will feel comfortable in making their payments, this script is more user-friendly and revenue generator software for the users by donating the fund to the peer users.

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In the Peer to Peer Funding Script the new user can enroll their registration by using the referral sponsor id where the referral user can also get profit by making the network of downline members, this script will help you to get profit by donating the money to the peer users with level rank, in addition the funding can also take place in a unique way by using our script, by integrating the e-commerce products for sale, for the users to buy the products from the listings by adding the products to the cart and also by making the transactions online.

This MMM Script gets the funds commission for every product sold to the users, this is the best way to get profit for the peer to peer users. The user can maintain their wallet transaction details in an easy way, the membership plan expiry alerts are sent through the respective user mail or through SMS. The users can get the bonus through two methods one is the direct method and the other is an indirect method. This script has authenticated online connection which makes the digital transactions more secure and all the transactions details, account details can be viewed by the user.

In this Peer to Peer Funding Script, the unlimited numbers of users can be added to the system to get better earnings. The system will place the user automatically into the system from left to right node. The admin can manage the entire site by managing the script and look the statistics of the site and performance of the site by managing the site by necessity to add and delete the site title, templates, and name. The users withdraw and payments request are approved by the admin and the user can get payment transactions. The user management, transactions management, product management, rewards management, ads management, level management etc are maintained and controlled by the admin. The admin can also get the profit by using the banner advertisement, Google ads etc, on the site.

The MMM Script which will help you to enhance the online marketing for the products by using our advanced featured MMM Clone Script which enables MLM companies to manage and run their express selling business more effectively towards a successful way.

Our script will be live with 48 hours from the purchase of the script, we have made this script as designed per the Google guidelines so the site will be optimized and SEO-friendly URL. We additionally provide you with 6 months of free update and 1-year technical support services along with the script for our beloved clients.


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