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Kickstarter / Indiegogo / Gofundme Clone Script

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Crowd funding is one of the best ways for raising funds for your business ideas, organizational activities and also for undertaking new projects. Fund raising for a business can include exhibitions, games, interviews, meeting people, concerts, project development.

Our Kickstarter clone has been designed to give your site an opportunity to create an exclusive portal for the classified community to raise funds for your business using crowd funding campaigns at a single point of contact. Our Gofundme Script has the best features for reward oriented crowd funding websites like kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc., and it is integrated with advanced features for backers and fundraisers with full customization to tailor-fit your business. Our Fundraising Script/Software helps you in inviting many fundraisers, donors and backers to help fund the member’s projects and ideas. The Kickstarter Clone script facilitates fundraisers to find funds for their new projects through social networking websites. It is the most advanced and innovative fundraising and crowd funding platform to be ever built.

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Due to the emergence of peer-to-peer leading fundraising industry, financing has been favoring major changes all over the world. i-Netsolution now embeds this blooming business model into the Crowd funding platform.

Our Indiegogo Clone Script is robust and reliable which is ready to be customized as per your business model. The fundraisers can raise funds from a crowd. Our Indiegogo Script gives assurance to the fundraisers so they can keep all the money they raised for their business idea, even if they don’t reach their goal. Readymade Php fundraising clone is created with a responsive design that suits most of the devices and is user-friendly for both the creator and backer.

The Kickstarter Script has rich features like Google page, dynamic form builder, advertisement banners, PayPal payment gateway, 2Checkout, blog, wallet, membership fee details, facebook comments, social sharing, listing fees and it supports unlimited categories, reward system etc it has different management systems like user management system, project management system, template management system, activity and category management system, etc.

It has three important revenue models like banner advertisement, listing fees and commission.

Need for a Kickstarter Clone Script

Creating a dominating presence in the ever-growing fundraising industry can be achieved by start-up entrepreneurs with the help of our Kickstarter Clone Script. To reach success with a fundraising business several renowned web development companies such as i-Netsolution are coming up with amazing cloned scripts. We have developed an exact clone of kickstarter to flourish the world of entrepreneurs to start their website within few days.

Why we developed this Software?

We have performed an intensive research on the crowd funding and developed an interesting yet powerful Kickstarter clone script for the online market place. This Gofundme Clone directly leads into the world of highly competitive fundraising industry. It enables entrepreneurs enter this industry and acquire a niche-specific fundraising site with much more confidence. This offers tremendous functionalities to scale up in the industry.

Success trends of Readymade Php fundraising script

For over a decade, we have heard about the success of the fundraising business. But, little do we know that it still is in its growing stage. This business benefits everyone, fundraisers, backers and the entrepreneurs. This provokes many businessmen and women to make use of our platform to meet their specific needs.

Features beyond its original

Our primary aim is to make an efficient pledge or reward based fundraising business simple. i-Netsolution has achieved this by integrating exciting features into our design. It is crafted to perform beyond your expectations as it was inspired by the famous Kickstarter clone website; a kin to,,, and

We also provide 1 year of technical support, free updates for the source code for 6 months, and is absolutely brand-free.


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