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Rakuten / Target / Macys Clone Script

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Rakuten Clone Script is one of the bestleading e-commerce globalized siteswhich is developed by our team experts to make the perfect quality e-commerce globalized site or online mall where the offline users can make their business promotion to online by selling the products through online marketing and it is also designed for the new entrepreneurs who like to start over their profitable business through online marketing site without any technical knowledge of the script.This Rakuten Script is designed as per the user requirement with various attractive product layout templates to makeuser attractive to visit on the site.

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Our Macys Clone Script can be said to be as the dynamic page where the site can be customized as per their requirement. In this Macys script the user can have Two-Factor Authenticationwhere the user can have their account more securewith this security system, they can register with valid mail and password, once they have log-in to the system they can see crystal clear view of the products with unlimited categories and sub-categories, and also can able to see the top-arrival products as the slider.The user can search for the product by entering the keywords or name of the required product, and be sorting filter by ranging the price, review, and category.

The Target Clone Script is designed as the professional digitale-commerce site, where the user can order their required products from the single store by adding the products to the cart or the wishlist, the user can view the detailed product descriptions with images and product comparisons. Then the user can also see the popular and recent blogs post. The Target Script has some unique functionalities and advanced featuresto make the site more reliable and flexible for the users.

In this script the admin has the major role to supervise the entire site by viewing and managing the site, the admin has the dashboard where the user product status and details are available with clear documentation. Adding and deleting the product categories, widgets, menus and tour page settings.

The user can pay their payment through online secure PayPal transactions, the payments and ordering status and details are managed by the admin. The user can submit their feedback and review systemto the respective product service and they can keep track of the product ordered status.

The script isdesigned with high-page speed insights and responsive design with SEO-Friendly URL to make easy access for the users. In addition, we provide 1-year technical support with 6-month free software update services and brand free site.


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