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Food Ordering script

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FOOD COURT is an full-fledged food ordering system for restaurants. Food Court comes with a responsive design and user-friendly interface, which is compatible with desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.Food Court comes with a lot of features like custom CMS, Order management, menu management, customer management, SMS Alerts, SEO optimization, Referral System etc..Using the admin panel, you can manage an order, create menu categories and items, and also set such parameters, as a currency, restaurant opening time, site language, site logo etc. From the admin panel, you can add, update data.

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We can assure you that nowhere in the market will not provide the best Restaurant Ordering script with the affordable price. From various analyses in market we have developed Restaurant Ordering Script is developed with finest developer.
• Interactive and Responsive Design.
• Powerful Admin Panel.
• Referral System.
• Dashboard Statistics.
• Multilingual.
• SEO Optimized.
• Social Logins(Facebook,Googleplus)
• Single Page Checkout.
• Unlimited Menu Categories.
We have developed all most all features in the script to kick start your business in the market. We are also providing customization to our client by understanding their business goal and customize the product for them.

• Customers Management Create Unlimited Menu Categories
• Create Unlimited Items
• Create Unlimited Add-ons
• Create Unlimited Options
• User Management
• Order Management (New,Under Process, Out to Deliver, Delivered/Cancelled)
• Language Management
• Loyalty Points
• Referral Settings
• Location Management
• Manage Settings (Site Settings, Email Settings, Paypal Settings, SMS Settings,SEO Settings,Social Network Settings,Pusher Notification Settings,Tinify Settings etc)
• Reports
• FAQs
• Custom Pages
• Orders view in jQuery Calender
• Order Summary in the form of Graphical format.
• SMS alerts
• Email alerts

2.Why you need to Buy
We are having more than 16 years experience on the Food Ordering script. We have more than 400 plus product, but is still highly recommending script to many clients. We have finest developer and requirement analyses’ with great knowledge on the analysis the client requirements, with various analysis we have developed the advance feature of Food Ordering in the script. We can assure you with our power design and business login in the script will give world class experience on ordering the food.

3.Features and Functionality

3.1 User Functionality
User can able to be the part of the Food Court site with free of cost, there is no registration fee. After Registration User can login with their username and password they have given at the time of registration.

3.2 User Dashboard
After login user can view the user’s dashboard, where user will get overall details of their information and user can order the food from dashboard where online payment and cash on deleivery payment both will be available which is a single page checkout.User can also add Deleivery locations where they want to deleiver the food.The List Will Be
• My profile
• My orders
• My Points

3.2.1 My Profile
In my profile , user can see their details at the time of registration and the user can also edit their profile details.

3.2.2 My Order
In my orders , user can see the list of orders they have purchased and the user can track the process of deleiver from my orders.

3.2.3 My Points
In my points, user can see the points which they have earned by purchasing products and they can see the status of the points whether it is earned or not.

4.Kitchen Manager
• Kitchen Manager can view processed orders.
• Kitchen Manager can see the total no of orders.
• Kitchen Manager can send orders out to deliver.
• Kitchen Manager can assign Delivery Manager.
• Kitchen Manager can edit their profile details and change the password.
• Kitchen Manager can View the order details

5.Deleivery Manager
• Delivery manager can view out to Deliver Orders.
• Delivery manager can see the total no of orders.
• Delivery manager will Send Orders for Delivery.
• Delivery manager can edit their profile details and change the password.
• Delivery manager can view out the order details.

Admin will get all option to edit and add in to the system. Admin can view the list of option in the system. Easily accessible admin panel so admin can view all the site statistics on the dashboard. Admin have full authority to control the site.

On the admin dashboard the admin can view the list of number of count of,
• Menu
• Items
• Add-ons
• Options
• Item Types
• Offers
• Users
• Customers
• Orders
• Language Settings
• Loyality Points
• Referral Settings
• Location Master
• Master Settings
• Reports
• Pages

6.1.1 MENU
In menu ,admin can perform overall menu management.
• Admin can add new menu.
• Admin can edit menu details.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the menu.
• Admin can delete the menu.

6.1.2 ITEMS
In Items, admin can perform overall item management.
• Admin can add new item.
• Admin can edit item details.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the item.
• Admin can delete the item.

6.1.3 ADD ONS
In ADD ons, admin can perform overall add ons management.add ons is adding the extra attachement for our ordered food.
• Admin can add new add-ons.
• Admin can edit the add-ons details.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the add-ons.
• Admin can delete the add-ons.

In options, admin can perform overall Options management.Options is adding the size of the food items which they have ordered.
• Admin can add new options.
• Admin can edit the option details.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the options.
• Admin can delete the options.

In item types, admin can perform overall item types management.Item types is adding the type of the food items.
• Admin can add new item types.
• Admin can edit the item types.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the item types.
• Admin can delete the item types.

6.1.6 OFFERS
In item Offers, admin can perform overall offer management.
• Admin can add new offers.
• Admin can edit the offer details.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the offers.
• Admin can delete the offers.

6.1.7 USERS
In Users, admin can perform overall user management.
• Admin can add new users.
• Admin can edit the user details.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the users.
• Admin can delete the users.

In Customer, admin can perform overall Customer management.
• Admin can add new customers.
• Admin can edit the customer details.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the customer .
• Admin can delete the customers.

6.1.7 ORDERS
In orders,admin can see the new orders,under processed orders,out to deleiver orders,deleivered orders and cancelled orders.Admin can also view the order details

In Languages admin can add other languages ,delete the current languages.Language Code is also added for shortcut purposes.Phrases is also been added so that searching will be made easy

In loyality points,admin can change the earning of the points for register,ordering of food,for sharing , minimum and maximum amounts of points can be redeemed.It also Maintains the reward points earned by an users

In referral settings ,admin can change the points for referring a person and person who have been referred. It also Maintains the referred users list.

In Location master ,admin can add edit and delete the cities where there service has been located

6.1.12 Master Settings
In master settings Overall functionalities, general settings of the pages ,sms settings, SEO settings, Social login settings,email settings can be changed by the admin.

6.1.13 Reports
In reports Overall functionalities, admin can see the customers reports,items reports ,location reports and date wise reports.

6.1.14 Pages
In Pages, admin can perform overall Pages management.
• Admin can edit the pages details.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the pages .

6.1.15 FAQ
In FAQ, admin can perform overall FAQ management.
• Admin can edit the FAQ details.
• Admin can activate or deactivate the FAQ .
• Admin can add FAQ’s.
• Admin can delete FAQ’s

Additional information


For use on any personal, commercial, or client projects.


Interactive and Responsive Design, Powerful Admin Panel,• Referral System,Dashboard Statistics, Multilingual, SEO Optimized

Hosting Requirements

MySQL 4.0 & 5.0 or higher, PHP 7.x,



Server Requirements

Apache 2.2.x


Codeigniter Framework


1 Year Technical Support, 6 Months free update, Brand Name Removal

Domain Usage

Based on your needs you can buy anyone license types like Single Domain, Multi-Domain or Multi-Domain With Reseller.

Payment Type

One time Payment :- Once you send the full payment we will give you the entire script files to you, thereafter you don’t want to pay anything.

Delivery Time

We will Send the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday) And the scripts will deliver within 48 hours On Weekend(Saturday -Sunday)


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