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Equity crowdfunding script

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Equity-based is the most secured forms for a fundraising model. With its ensured significance, i-Netsolution developed an equity fundraising script to its crowdfunding platform that ultimately fills the gap between the investors and company. It creates an online platform for equity fundraising with the framework of JOBS Act and SEIS Act.

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Needs of Equity crowdfunding script

As far as scope, success rate, and never ending prosperity of the flourishing business model is concerned, Equity has eventually outpaced the usual fundraising model in the business world. Henceforth, there is an absolute need for clone script in the global market. Immediately creating such a worthwhile equity based fundraising site is possible with the help of i-Netsolution’s ready-made Equity crowdfunding script.

Why we developed this Software?

In keeping with the success trends and on-demand script need in the international market for the equity based fundraising business world, i-Netsolution developed an interesting ready-made script crowdfunding Equity. It is specially created for making the entrepreneurs to lead the fundraising world with the equity as a core concept. Using i-Netsolution’s script will ensure a strong business presence in a global market.

Success trends of Equity crowdfunding script

Equity based fundraising earmarked its place in the crowdfunding business world in its earlier stages. By screening its huge market scope, numerous investors have turned towards this booming industry to gain massive profits. So far, the number of business entities in Equity based fundraising has attained monumental success and all in a very minimum period of time.

Features beyond its original

This Equity crowdfunding software is shaped by including numerous minute details, originating from these following websites;,,,, and We added more tactical and strategic features to this script, that are significant and aid in the running of an effective Equity based crowdfunding business.


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