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Board MLM Script

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Board MLM is one of the popular MLM plans in the industry, also known as revolving matrix MLM; it is one of the highest revenue fetching MLM people choose these days.The major idea of the board MLM plan is to gain profit. This plan is simple to understand, so you don’t have to put much effort to know about the MLM system.


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How does MLM Board MLM plan work?

When a member joins the plan you will be assigned with a blank board and the referred members will be filled in the board, usually a board MLM is developed in 2×2 Matrix plan. In our ready-made Board MLM plan, the members can refer only 2 members under them and the referrals can only go up to 2 levels deep. So, in the genealogy there will be 1 member on the top, 2 on the first level and 4 on the second level. The Board splits into two sub-trees or boards and new members will be added into the board. The top member available is moved to the top position in the new board. The admin can set the referral and joining amount from the admin dashboard.

The users can pay a registration fee and join the system and get into the Board. The members get a payout after completion of the particular Board usually it is double the invested amount by the member which makes it one of the most profits fetching MLM plans to opt for the MLM companies.


Consider there is a member (A) who joins the system. Now (A) is allocated with a blank board and then (A) refers two members (B) and (C) under each of them 2 more can join into the board. Once the Board is completed, (A) will get the pay out and leave the board then a new board is created for both (B) and (C) separately.

Features of our Board MLM:

User side: The member/ user dashboard is one of the key aspects of our MLM script; we have a clean and clear user dashboard that is easy to work with and the user friendly URL will help you navigate throughout the website without much effort.

Admin side:The admin has the ultimate rights to the website where the admin can manage the users, define commission and payout details from the admin dashboard, we have also included a powerful CMS module so you can work with ease without having much technical knowledge.

High-Secure Code:  We have developed the product with a completely secure coding style to keep it free from the reach of hackers and many levels of security are implemented to serve this purpose.

After Sales Support:  We provide full 1 year technical support, free updates for 6 months and moreover we provide you with the entire source code upon purchase of the script


We offer various customizations to make the MLM system tailor-fit your business needs, different logic of board splits based on your requirements. We encourage our clients to share their MLM requirements with us so we can provide them with the system specific to their MLM plan.


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