Website Broker Script

Website Broker Script helps you to own a website marketplace website to buy and sell websites, domain names and apps. Nowadays numerous numbers of websites have been developed across the world and everyone wants to sell websites due to lack of time and all choose to buy the readymade script instead of developing on their own. You can build a website like Flippa.com with this Flippa clone Script and you can earn money for each buying and selling of the website, which is a readymade script. You can able to lists the websites for sale and view the websites in listings too.

Domain Marketplace Script is a good revenue making model as you are allowed to make high revenue with this script, because you will get commission for the sale of each websites and you are allowed to make an auction also during the sale of particular website in order you get more money for that. In your site you can list all the websites, domain names and apps for sale, so that the buyers and sellers can interact and vend/purchase the websites. You can sell the websites by yourself and reply for the queries to your customers who want to buy the websites from you site.

Website Broker Script give a glance at the statistics of the user management and total members of the site. The websites for various categories can be viewed such like business, education, entertainment etc and managed to edit the details. The status of the particular site can be seen whether it is active or inactive. Via admin the general settings can be modified like the site name, URL, contact links, mail ids etc. The admin can manage the domain list with their status. Some of the websites are bided and the admin can view the list of websites bided. The admin can also check for the transactions occurred for every website sale.

We managed to procure 10 years of free technical support and to give 5 years free updates once you purchase the script from us. Our developers managed to develop this script with ease so that technical knowledge is not required to maintain and run the script. The payment process is also made very easy as we integrated multiple payment gateways. We issue this script with free installation at your doorstep and brand free too.

User View


• Login with Email or Username and Password • Ajax validation for all fields • Forget Password


• Basic account information such as email-id and password • Basic contact information such as Name, Mobile Number, Country, State, City, Postal Code • User type • Captcha Validation • Terms & Conditions • Activation Link send to your email

Search Features:

• Search Website by Keyword

Member’s Listing Showcase:

• Platinum Websites • Gold Websites • Silver Websites • Free Websites


• Sell Website • Sell Domain

Sell Website:

• Enter the Site Name, URL, Image, Status • Enter the Description, Category, Daily Visitors, Page Views • Enter the Income per month, Cost to run Site • Enter the Number of members • Enter the Site Available or Not • Enter the Asking Price, Disk space and Bandwidth used for MB • Enter the Adult content, Business Information • Enter the Listing type

Sell Domain:

• Enter the Domain Name and URL • Enter the Domain Description and Number of Years • Enter the Domain Category • Enter the Domain Asking Price • Enter the Domain Listing Type


• View Websites are listed by Platinum, Gold, Silver, Free order wise • View the particular Websites • The user’s are contact privately in seller • User can place Bid of the Website

Site Fees:

• View the Websites Pricing List • View the Domain Pricing List

My Account:

• My Profile • Edit Profile • Change Password • My Websites/Domain • My Payments • My Messages • My Bids

My Profile:

• View the Account information, personal details, Website Details • My Bids History

Edit Profile:

• Edit the User’s Details

Change Password:

• User can change the password in this page

My Websites/Domain:

• View All the Websites and Domains • Edit & Delete the Websites and Domains

My Payments:

• Payments Received by Selling / Buying • Payments by Upgrade / Renew

My messages:

• Inbox • Outbox

My Bids:

• View your all Bids

Admin View


• View all category • View the particular Category • Edit & Delete the Category • Add new Category


• View all the User’s • View the particular user • Edit & Delete the User • Add new User


• View & Update the Website Name, Keywords, Description, Site Name, Team, Admin PayPal, URL • View & Update the PayPal mail, Website URL, Mail URL, Site Logo

Domain List:

• View all the Active Website List • View the Particular Website List • View Listing Type

Sold Websites:

• View the Sold Website • View the Seller & Buyer • View the Seller & Buyer Profile

Expired Domain List:

• View all expired Domain Sites • View particular Domain Sites


• View all the Bidding List • View the Owner list and Bidder name • View the owner and bidder Profile • Delete the Bidder List


• View all the Seller and Seller Domain name • View the Seller Profile • View the Seller Domain Sites

Listing Type:

• View all Listing • Edit & Delete the Listing • Activated & Deactivated the Listing • Add new Listing

Sell (New Post):

• Sell Website • Sell Domain


• Total Count Websites • View Websites in Listing Type


• View all Banner • Edit & Delete the Banner • Activated & Deactivated the Banner • Add new Banner


• View the Newsletter Subscribe user’s • Unsubscribe the User’s • Search the User’s


• View all FAQ • Edit & Delete the FAQ • Activated & Deactivated the FAQ • Add new FAQ


• View the CMS • Edit the CMS

Site News:

• View all Site News • Edit & Delete the Site News • Activated & Deactivated the Site News • Add new Site News

Site Status:

• View all Site Status • Edit & Delete the Site Status • Activated & Deactivated the Site Status • Add new Site Status


• View all Messages • View From and to of the Message • Activated & Deactivated the Message • Delete the Messages