Script Directory Script : hotscripts Clone

Our Script Directory is one of the best php script directory, our script is very easy to install and maintain without any knowledge in technical. it supports more than 100,000 user and 1 million hit list per months. Our script directory submission is a perfect clone for the hotscripts.com, gscripts.net etc. By purchasing this rich readymade script you can save the development costs, time, efforts needed to develop the code from the ground.

Advance Features

• Ask question in Ask expert

• Advertisements

• Top companies list

• Powerful validaion

• Advance admin control panel

• Subadmin add company

SEO friendly URL for scripts, categories that helps you for better result for search engine . Our Script Directory Script Ad sense and your own banner ads Integration Our script submission software is an best Internet directory for selling script development company that compiles and disseminates Web programming-related resources.

Quick way to start your own top quality directory site like hotscripts.com. This php scripts submission allows you to run a free scripts directory earning revenue from sponsors advertising. Visitors can add scripts, search for scripts, & rate and review scripts.

User Side View

Login Details:

• Login by username and password • Java script  validation for all fields • Forget password

Registration details:

• Basic account information such as username and password • Basic Contact information such as Email • Java script validation for all the fields • Captcha Validation is required

Submit Company:

• Enter the Script name, Title and Type • Select the Category • Enter the Script detail • Enter the website url, demo url, image and keyword • Enter the captcha and submit

Ask Experts:

• Users any doubt ask question in ask experts • Captcha Validation


• Advertisements are posted • Advertisements are cost

Top Companies:

• Important Companies are listed in this category

My Scripts:

• User scripts are listed in this page • User can change the password change in this page

Admin Side View

Manage Ad’s:

• View the Ad’s List • View the particular Ad’s • Delete the Ad’s • Add the Ad’s

Manage Company:

• Approved Company • Unapproved Company • Company Email List • Reported Company

Approved Company:

• View the approved Company only • View Particular Company • Edit & Delete the Company

Unapproved Company:

• Admin Approved Company in this page • Delete the unapproved Company

Company Email List:

• Company Email List are Download in this Link

Reported Company:

• Report the Company are listed

Manage Comments:

• Approved Comments • Unapproved Comments • Comment Email List

Approved Comments:

• View all approved comment in listed • View particular comment • Edit & Delete comment

Unapproved Comments:

• Admin approved the comments in this page • Delete the Comment

Comment Email List:

• Download the Comment Email List

Manage Mails:

• Company replay mail • Comment replay mail • Forward mail

Manage News:

• View the all news • View the particular news • Edit & Delete the News • Add News

Manage Consumer Resource:

• View the all Resource list • Add resource

Manage Ask Experts:

• View all the Questions • View all the Answers

Manage FAQ:

• View all the FAQ • Edit & Delete the FAQ • Add FAQ

Manage Agent:

• Add Agent • Agent List • Agent Company List


• Manage Users • Manage ip address • Manage news alerts • Reports • Manage report • Keyword filtering • Manage country • Privacy policy • Site settings

Manage Users:

• View all users • View particular User • Delete user • Approved or Unapproved users

Agent Side:

Submit Company:

• Enter the Script name, Title and Type • Select the Category • Enter the Script detail • Enter the website url, demo url, image and keyword • Enter the captcha and submit