HTML Template for Realestate Theme


Scope of the project:

• This document is used to explain the website in real estate classified. • This website allows launching powerful and professional looking portals. • It confess private seller to manage their own advertisement using administrative space.


• This application is assembled based on PHP. • Its front end is made by the My SQL and back end is made by the HTML5 and CSS3. • People who are having the basic knowledge about these technologies can customize the page according to their own invocation.


• In this application user can stretch the advance features. • User can prospect some direct link that they can used to search their favorites from the home page itself. • Home page subsists of exclusive household categories. • This page has stretch by affiliates and partner details at the footer for the user reference. • User has the choice of using the application from the mobile app either by following the respective social network. • Home page subsists of clean and sharp edge images.


• User have a special option of the newsletter which can be subscribed and receive the latest updation from their respective mail id.

Updated version:

• In this version administrator can define the property type. • End user can receive the conformation mail after every activity. • SEO links were optimized. • Feasibility for access multi administrator at back office. • Administrator contributes full control on panel over website.


• This application have an advanced features as • Membership package • Banner advertisement • This application supports Google Ad Sense.

Property management:

• Property can be managed automatically and unpaid. • Advanced search option is procurable. • Search result is saved and used for next time search. • Search can set by preference. • Subscribe and receive for RSS feed. • Search is done by keywords.

Property description:

• Description is made up of wide list of characteristics which can be limited by the administrator. • Photos and videos can be transmitted to lists. • Administrator can rearrange the photos and manage the background settings. • Administrator can import or export of listing. • User can perspective the description of the property with pictorial details makes the user to have a clear vision about the appropriate property. • User can prospect the recently added merchant’s details. • User can view the advanced option of find some properties in overseas. • User can get the basic details like cost, square feet, room counts in the search results itself which make them to save their time. • User can view the merchant directory and property builder details exclusively.


• If property location is confessed, it’ll be viewed in the map.

Post Ad:

• This application has the special choice to post their own ad to the page under different category. • The post that established in this application will be secured and can’t rearrange by unauthorized persons. • The post is stretched to the people who are all member on this website.

CMS page:

• Terms and conditions. • Privacy policy. • Contact details. • Social network connections. • About us.


• This application is act as intermediate between property merchant and purchaser. By this application merchant and purchaser can register for their own in free of cost. • In this application end user have the option of searching the various kind of villa details. • This application has a RESPONSIVE design which can adapt in any device. It consists of different kind of search under the category, budget and location. • It has the default payment as in-built functionality which reduce the risk of the e-banking. • It has different kinds of segments. • End user can easily get into their respective property by single click from the home page. • It supports to retina ready with sharp and clean graphic element. • It has both online and offline retaliation option. • Easy to use.