Readymade Auction and e-Commerce Script

This Auction script is a branded new script that developed innovative trading platforms and online auctions. We are developed this script that suited for individual business entrepreneurs. This Online Auction Script PHP has a numeric functionality which suits cent percent for auction site. It reinforces three different kind of auction as time based, budget and buy now concept. Though admin can entrench for product description, costing detail, expire detail and buy now value. It has the discrete numbers of categories through our persuasive CMS we can customize according to their specification and the product you can bargain any kind of business either you have neither antique product nor latest electronic goods.

We’ll promise you cent percent you let to start auction website you can buy our php Auction & e-Commerce Script. Because we’ve more than hundred different features including three different payment gateway and multi-language support. The latest Google SEO algorithm has been updated.

We are guarantee for 1 years technical supports and have an offer of 6 months upgrade of source code.

User View


• New user can REGISTER into the site for their own with the basic information. • Registration is an unpaid option for any user. • Registration will be completed by receiving the conformation mail.

Log in:

• Registered candidates can log in to their profile with valid username and password. • In case of forget password user can call for the forget password option.

Scope of the project:

• This project is developed to connect the auctioneer and benefiter by a progressive design. • User doesn’t require any technical knowledge to access this site. • Register once and get profit endlessly.


• User can stretch the some amazing deals on the home page itself. • User can perspective various products with time limit and bid details. • User can get some idea about the updated bid details via home page. • User can search for a new auction product from the search box. • User can prospect the banner advertisement. • An auctioneer can add and product by a single click which benefits their time.


• User can search for a auction product by keyword, minimum and maximum price details. • User can filter their view by selecting required category. • User can prospect the product description detail. • User can view the similar product details. • User can leave a comment or feedback about the particular product. • The search result will be arranged as ascending order depending on the highest bid value. • User can share their favorite bid details by social media.


• This page subsists of the details about the payable cost details. • User can buy the membership card and then can add the product to the auction page.

My account:

• User can manage their own account detail. • User can add a new product to listing page in free in cost. • User can add their favorite product to the favorite list. • To get more progressive details user can upgrade their account to the premium as per their convenience. • Upgrade gives the option to the user listing with popular listing enhancements. • Membership plans allows the user to bundle listings. • User can buy a membership my online booking details. • By membership plan user can read send private messages. • Online transaction has a secure with PayPal option.


• User can subscribe for the latest update and posts via e-mail.


• User can stretch the blog details. • Each blog subsists of variety of items. • User can leave a comment about their view and experience.

Revenue model:

• Admin can get yield from user’s membership. • Admin has a benefit from the selling commission. • User can pay for the banner advertisement.


• This is a simple project which is works for free and user friendly. • This project has the powerful management tools. • This is a responsive design type. • User can save their time because this project has works under single click option. • User can customize their own and took control an entire look of theme as their own wish. • This project has a peculiar option of child lock. • User can contact us 24*7 about their queries and problems and our trained technicians are always ready to help them. • If the user has any problem in using the website, video tutorial is procurable for their help.

Admin View

Log in:

• Admin can log in with valid username and password. • Forms are validated with Jquery. • Admin have the special option of forget password. • Password can be recovered by the appropriate mail id.


• Admin can stretch the recent activities and commerce status. • Admin can view page at glance. • Admin can take quick notes by using quick draft. • Admin can prospect the updating details. • SEO posts overview can be guided by an admin.

Order management:

• Admin can establish the user’s order detail. • Admin can filter the order detail by keyword or in-between date. • Admin can manage the action detail. • Admin can add a new gateway option. • Admin can manage the currency setting by varying the symbol, code, currency position and decimal places. • Admin can maintain the amount withdrawal details. • Admin can create a new coupon and manage it.

Blog management:

• Admin can supervise all blog posts. • Admin can filter the blogs by dates and categories. • Admin can search for a particular blog post using search option. • Admin can add or modify the blog post. • Admin can manage the categories and tags.

Listing management:

• Admin can supervise all list details. • Admin can filter the list details by dates. • Admin can search for a particular list detail using search option. • Admin can add or modify the lists. • Admin can manage the categories and tags.


• Admin can supervise all pages. • Admin can filter the page details by dates. • Admin can search for a particular page details using search option. • Admin can add or modify the page.


• Admin can supervise all comments. • Admin can filter the comment by comment types. • Admin can search for a particular comment using search option. • Admin can add or modify the comment details.


• Admin can supervise all banners. • Admin can filter the banner details. • Admin can add or modify the banner details.


• Admin can supervise all campaign details. • Admin can filter the campaign details by dates and categories. • Admin can search for a particular campaign using search option. • Admin can add or modify the campaign details.


• Admin can customize the theme settings. • Admin can manage the widgets and menus. • Admin can manage the general, header and footer setting. • Admin can manage the tour page settings like sidebars, display style. • Admin can manage FAQ and blog pages. • Admin can manage the social network sharing details. • Admin can manage the import or export options. • Admin can manage the template settings. • Admin can manage the plug-in.


• Admin can regenerate thumbnails for all products. • Admin can manage import and export details.

General settings:

Admin can manage:

• Site title • Site address • E-Mail address • Time zone • Date and time format • Site language • Payment gateway • Admin manage social network login setting. • Admin manage visual composer general settings.