PHP Classifieds Rental Script

PHP Classifieds Rental Script

The PHP Rental Classifieds Script is one among the limited software's, which are designed souser-friendly that anyone with minimal knowledge of operating a computer can utilize it to itsoptimum. Besides being an easy-to- use software, this Property Rental Script is also very simpleto maintain. This is due to the packaging facility provided by our concern, wherein you areprovided with all the necessary plug-ins and files for effective utilization and installation of thisProperty Rental Real Estate Script. This script, which can also be utilized as a Rental RealEstate Agent Script by an agent dealing with rental properties, has very simplified structure.This enables all the users, whether the person is searching for a property, or the person isendorsing his property for rent, or the admin, with an easy to use atmosphere providing agreater positive response..

With different income models to choose from or endorse to, cordial pennant administrationframework, Google advertisements, client membership patterns, this is one among the few tohave a greater income generating capabilities. In addition to all its exceptional features, thePHP Classifieds Rental Script is very adaptable to your requirements due to its developerfriendly design and easy customization features, besides being a great revenue generator.

Rental classifieds software offers the remarkable explanation for those that yearnings to begin their own particular rental characterized site.Our PHP Classifieds Rental script is easy to use , simple to keep up. Our PHP classifieds rental script can be effectively overseen by assorted types of individuals there is no need of specialized information for dealing with the whole site.

User View


•Login •Registration. •Forgot password.


•New Member Should Register with Website For Login to Website. •In Registration Process User Need to Submit Following Information - Name, Email, Address, Phone number, Password, Country, City, State. •After Register Process Complete - Login Information Send to Registered Email Account. •Ajax based email validation and forgot password link

Member login

• Registered Member Login With Registered Login Information. •After Login Success Forward to User Home Page. •If Login Process Failure - Display Forgot Login and New Member Register Links.

Forgot Password

•If registered member forgot their login details they use this Module. •Login information will be sent to their email id. •If no email is there means, Login and New Member Register Links.

Add Classified

•Here user can post his classified details based upon the following: •Category, subcategory, title, country, description of the ad etc..

Edit Classified

•The user can view all the classified that he has posted here. Google based ads •User can also edit/delete the classified that he has posted here.

Search classifieds

•The user can search for the classified posted by other users on the basis of category, subcategory, keyword etc. •The user can correspond with the owner of the classified by sending a message to him with his mail-Id and the message. •User can also email the selected classified to his friends from here. •Google Map Geo Location

Admin View

•Administrator logs in with username and password.
•Change admin password.
•Admin has a separate login page.
•If he logs in with the correct details he is send to home page otherwise he is redirected to login page.
•Admin can view/edit/delete/block/activate the user profile details.
•Admin can also view/edit/delete/block/activate the classifieds posted by the user.
•Admin can change the overall settings of the site like the logo, site title, URL etc here.
•Admin can manage the various categories and their subcategories.
•Admin can also change the login details of himself like username and password here.
•Searching option in large member’s database.


•Google ad words •Membership settings •Change website logo •Edit / delete website title, description and keywords.

Members Management

•Active/Deactivate •View profile •Delete

Import and Export

•Import Classifieds CSV •Export Classifieds CSV


•Able to search all member / blocked / unblocked / buyer / coder with country and keyword. •Able to edit/delete members, view members.

Manage Advertisement

•Admin can manage Google Advertise Script •Admin can manage Advertise Images.

Additional features

•Order details with date •Add promotion with top add