Online Restaurant Order Script

We develop the portal for Online Restaurant Order Script to help them for entrepreneur start the business like foodpanda, Grubhub, Takeaway and Just Eat website features with minimum cost, because the food industry is the most growing business. As per 2014 – 2015 food industries statistics statements now a day’s more than 25 millions of food orders per second through online food order web portals, automatically it will increase 50% of online doers for every years.

Our Foodpanda Readymade Clone Script has more than 120 features with multi-language, online payment gateway and social media sharing. In this portal have the three roles of user like website administrator, Restaurants admin and end user. User can order their foods through the web portal within a mile seconds and also the user and restaurant owner will get the order notification through E-mail and SMS.

In this Restaurant Order Script have some major features such as the responsive design, search engine friendly, unlimited multi vendors, restaurants orders and the website administrator have the powerful accounting reports for various order details like the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports.

It was developed in open source so it’s easy to add any additional or unique feature. Online Restaurant Order Script is the great business concept. If you interested to start this online business hotel with lowest budget don’t miss this opportunity. For more details about this portal please check for the demo and feature documentation to understand this website features.

User View


• User can find register in customer login page • User can register with valid E-mail address and Password • Conformation mail sent to the registered mail address • User can register with social network


• User login with valid username and password • User can login with social network like facebook • Forget password option also available in login form • User can re-set the password using registered mail-Id

Home page:

• User have quick search box for finding restaurant and pickup and delivery details • Chat option for interacts with admin • Slider option available in home page


• User can search by hotel and location • All hotels are categories by hotel name and food name

Restaurant management:

• User can view restaurant with restaurant image • Each restaurant have their address and hotel image • User can view food menu items • Foods are listed with categories • User can view hotel location using Google map • User can view delivery time of food • User can view hotel offers • Use can view coupon code of hotel • User can view past reviews of hotel • User can view star rate of hotel • User can add hotel as favorite • User can view possible payment methods

Order management:

• User can manage order details • User can view status of their order • User can download booking details in PDF • User can print out the order details • User can view full details of their booking • User can post review

Address book:

• User can manage their billing address • User can add and edit billing address


• User can buy food using cart • User can manage their food details using cart • User can Use voucher code • User can choose their delivery place and time • User can choose their payment method • Payment methods are cash on delivery, PayPal, Credit card

Favorite restaurant:

• User can manage their favorite restaurant


• User can manage their profile • User can change their password • User can signup for newsletter


• User have chat option in food ordering system • User can interact with admin using chat

Track order:

• User can track their order • User can track order using order ID


• User can signup for the newsletter • User gets newsletter news letter by monthly

CMS Page:

• About us • Contact us • Feedback • FAQ • Terms and condition • Social network connections

Merchant View


• Merchant can register in home page • Merchant can register with valid E-mail address and Password • Conformation mail sent to the registered mail address


• Merchant login with valid username and password • Forget password option also available in login form • User can re-set the password using registered mail-Id

Merchant dashboard:

• Merchant can easily navigate to the following links • Orders • Reports • Category • Menu • Addons • Offers • Payments • Reviews • Invoice • Contact & location • Restaurant logo • Delivery info • Open and close time • Logo and photos • Maps • Bank info • Invoice • Merchant can view order status • Merchant can view statistics of • Order price • Menu price • Remaining price • Commission price • Report

Order management:

• Merchant can manage their order details • Orders are filtered using status • Merchant can print out order details in PDF • Merchant can print out the order details


• Merchant can view all order status • Merchant can take report by week, month • Merchant generate reports in PDF


• Merchant can add and manage category • Category are filtered using by status


• Merchant can add and manage menu • Menu are filtered using category name and status


• Merchant can add and manage addons • Addons are filtered using status


• Merchant can add and manage offers • Offers are filtered using status

Payment method:

• Merchant can manage payment method • Merchant manage status of payment method


• Merchant have chat option • Merchant can interact with admin using chat


• Merchant manage the reviews of their food • Merchant can change status of reviews


• Merchant manage invoice details • Invoice filtered using status

General settings:

• Merchant can manage settings of contact & location • Merchant can manage restaurant details • Merchant manage settings of delivery food possible at time • Open and close time • Merchant manage settings of restaurant open and close time • Merchant manage the restaurant logo and photos and video • Merchant manage the place of restaurant in Google map • Merchant manage the settings of bank details of restaurant • Merchant fix the invoice time period • Merchant manage settings of commission of food

Admin View


• Admin can login with valid username and password • Forget password option also available


• Admin can choose their desired language • Statistics of order and foods

Order management:

• All orders are managed by the admin • Orders are filtered using city, restaurant and date • Admin can search order by search box • Admin can export the order detail and client data • Admin can find the details by • Pending orders • Upcoming orders • Order in progress • Completed orders

Store management:

• Admin add and manage all store • Admin can active and inactive the store • Admin can search stores by store name • Admin manage invoice settings of store • Admin can specifically choose a store and update their details


• Admin can add and manage the invoice data • Admin can manage the setting of invoice data • Admin can search invoice using search box • Admin can add reminder of invoice • Admin export invoice data • Admin can view invoice by • Pending invoice • Completed invoice

Discount code:

• Admin can add and manage discount code for food • Admin can search discount code by search box

Automatic discount:

• Admin can add and mange special discount code • Discount code are automatically generate by admin • Discount code are search discount code using search box

City management:

• Admin can add and manage city • Admin can search city by search box

User management:

• Admin can mange following users • Normal users • Business owners • City administrator • Users are filtered using name and Email

Delivery zones:

• Admin can manage delivery food by • Delivery food by map • Delivery zones by KM • Delivery zone by area/Neighborhood • Delivery places are filtered using Zone name


• Admin can view who are all search their online food booking system • Admin can find search statistics using search box • Admin can view statistics by day, week, month and year • Admin export report of search statistics • Admin can view financial statistics • Admin can view statistics by day, week, month and year • Admin export report of financial statistics

Banner ads:

• Admin add and manage the settings of banner ads • Admin can search banner ads using search box

CMS Page:

• Admin can update the following • About us • Contact us • Terms and conditions • Feed back • FAQ

Language management:

• Admin can add and manage language • Admin can search language using search box • Admin can manage flag of the country

General settings:

• Admin can manage • Site name • Site URL • Currency • Default zone • Time format • Email • Service fees • Permission settings for users and business • Payment settings • Site schedule settings • Special enterprise settings • Commission settings • Sound notification settings • Site language settings • Social network connection settings • Country management settings • Area/neighborhood settings • Logo and layout settings • Panel settings • Widget settings

Collection settings:

• Admin fix the places were delivering the food • Admin fix price details for delivering food • Admin fix time of delivery time