Multivendor bidding script, auction script – Ebay clone

Product Description

We better understand that simply using Ebay Clone Script will not fulfill users requirements so we provides you with an opportunity to customize based on your needs according to your business. You can generate more revenue with our eBay clone by advertising banners, membership plans and commission model.

Our SEO friendly Ebay Clone Script  offers secure and feature rich options that are easy to manage. Through the payment gateways members can get payment for their sold products in their account directly. You don’t have to be a programmer, with this script you can easily manage your website using admin panel using CMS which is user-friendly to operate. It has been developed in such a manner that anon technical background user can use it with ease.

Our PHP Ebay Clone Script is Compatible with multiple payment options, Extended Search Options, Full bidding and buy it now options, Versatile User Management options and so on. Installation process is easily done with our script from the back end admin panel. With this auction clone script you can have your own ebay like website up and running within 24 hours easily with no software errors. We update the features of the ebay clone script frequently in that time we will provides you in free of cost for the period of 5 years.

Get your own eBay style website with our script. With this Ebay Clone script you can kick-start your web auction business with a site that is familiar to your users and can be up in running in no time. You can generate more revenue with our eBay clone by advertising banners, membership plans and commission model.

With our Ebay Clone you can invite your sellers to auction their products on your website. Users can view all the products from a single seller. Our script comes with the features of layout navigation, more modules, panel positioning options, unlimited number of categories, color combinations, image galleries with each auction listings, public and private auctions and more functionalities.

User End View

User Management:


• User can register as a seller or buyer(bidder) • Seller can rent out products, put product for auction and should be able to sell product out-right. • Buyer can rent in products, buy products and bid for products. • In the sign up form will get the user basic details • If the member signup with email they will get the profile activation link through the e-mail • Login with social media website like Facebook, Gmail • If user logins with social media we should post website info on his wall with Website logo and image


• User can Login with their email id or mobile no and password • Forgot password

My Account Dashboard:

• Payment method can be changed using the settings option in dashboard. Payment of payout to seller (Example: payout using paypal, bank transfer etc..) • Manage auction user can manage the auction which were added by particular user • User can also manage bids for the individual auctions • User can view the transaction report • Dashboard will show their Buy / Rent / Auction leads (Show all buy/sell, rent-out/in, auction/bid) • User can update their PayPal / Bank account details • Reset – Password and update profile

Auction Features:

• All auctions are shown with small image, name, current price, bids placed, ending date. When users (bidder) views the detail auction image should be bigger; on listing it can be small image. • Every auction shown with description, shipping, total bids placed etc. • User can comment on individual auction. • User can view auction in various filters • Live auction will show the current live bids • New listing shows the auction which were added recently • Most active shows the auction which were active live for most of the time • Ending soon shows the auction which was going to end • Just sold shows the auction which were sold recently • When new user or bidder bids for new bid value; he has to pay amount before bidding. Example: Suppose A user wants to bid, he has to pay bid fee (say Rs.10) before bidding, then next user B wants to bid, he had to pay bid fee (say Rs.10). Bid fee should be set in Admin Settings. • The highest bidder has to pay the full amount for the product with our commission which can be set through our admin panel

Product Category:

• All auctions are listed in category wise • Clicking on each auction category it will list auction in particular category • User can leave the comment on auction category page • Using show all auctions user can view all auction • This website will be only for Fashions – so Main Category should be Men, Women and Kids and under that sub-category like for Men – Shirts, Shoes, and Accessories and so on. So all categories and sub-categories should be entered by default when setting. If new sub-category Admin can create it.

Search & Filter the products:

• User can search the product using the keywords and product category and brands. • Filter the products from search result • View more details from the search list

Seller Module:

• Seller can add products for rent-out, sell outright or auction it. When creating a form for adding product; it should have only 3 options i.e. rent, sell and auction. If seller wants only for rental he should able to do so or he can enter all or rental or sell. Example: It is like only I want to rent the product then it should display under rentals on home page; if seller wants to sell then it should come under buy and if he wants to auction then it should come under auction. • If product is for rent-out the seller should be able to set price (for each day, week or month). • User can add auction products with title, description, category, tags, images etcusing add auction option in dashboard • Start and end date given, auction price and payment method also given by user • Mange the product costing • View the product bidding and finalize the bid

Ready-Made News letter Template:

• Ready-made newsletter template for the seller where they can promote their product and email it to their own database or affiliates

Buyer Module:

• User can search the product using the category and keyword or brand • View the products features, comments and biddings • Bid for the products • Get bidding confirmation • Pay the bid amount through payment gateways and get the product

Buyer Testimonial:

• Give the testimonial with ratings level of satisfaction, speed and communication. Let the testimonial should be rated in seller’s profile. Leave Feedback form for buyer which will contribute to the rating of the seller and will be visible to everyone. Question to put in the form will be: 1. please rate this transaction. (buy stars 1 to 5) and also further 3 questions how accurate was the product description. 1) How satisfied where you with sellers communication. 2) How quickly the seller shipped the product. • User can see Renting-in, Buy (selling products) and Auction on Header Menu • If buyer is renting-in the product he has to select number of days, weeks or months and based on that total amount should be calculated and that amount should be paid in advance by the buyer. The buyer’s credit card details should be saved if product is lost or damaged or used for more days.

Products for Sale:

• If product is available to purchase then directly anybody should be able to buy it • Payment through the PayPal or Bank credit card payment

Product for Rental:

• If product is available for rentals then directly anybody should be able to rent-in • The user who is renting it has to making payment using payment methods only credit cards.

Buyer can Return the product:

• When buyer returns the product to the seller he should enter when product was shipped back to him by registered post or courier and he has to upload the proof. The credit card should be charged if item is damaged or lost by the user for the amount specified by the renter.

Payment Gateway Integration:

• PayPal • Credit card payment option • Bank wire Transfer

Affiliate User View

Affiliate Management:

Create Affiliate Account:

• User can register with their basic details • User should enter their website url (optional), they can send by email marketing. • Affiliate profile will check and approve from admin panel • If get the approval from admin user will get the profile activated
notification e-mail • After get the approval user able to login their account • Forgot password

Referral URL Generator :

• Each affiliate user will get referral URL with their id • They can generate the referral url like which product or which page they will promote the link from their website they need to enter that link after that they will get the referral url then start the promotion for link sharing

Affiliate Account:

• In their account they can check their referral statistics • Show the referral pay status • Graphical view for referrals • Profile settings with their PayPal id update option

Website Admin View

Website Admin Feature:


• Admin can view and manage user comments in dashboard itself • Admin can view the recent activities done by users like recently posted auctions etc • Admin can approve, edit and delete the comments • View website statistics

User Management:

• Admin can view and manage the users • View their auctions products • Activate or deactivate the user account

Category Management:

• Admin can create and manage the auction category • Admin after creating category can add auction for related auction category • Added all auction can be seen and managed which were created by admin end

Auction Management:

• Admin can view all bids which were done admin itself • Admin can manage the auctions which were created by users • Admin can view and manage the invoices • Admin can add the auction using import method option

Auction Product Management:

• Admin can add the product for auction • View and manage the auction products • Publish or unpublished the auction products user end visibility

12.6 Product Management:

• Admin can add the product for Sale or Rent with product image and description • Admin can add bespoke rentals; means user can send product to our company and have to pay upfront fee for photography and courier cost. • Buyer if he is renting a product, he should pay upfront for the full amount of product for number of days(excluding transit days) • Mange the products • View sold products

12.7 Affiliate Management:

• Add and manage the affiliate profiles • View latest and most valuable affiliates • Review the affiliate profiles and do the approve or reject the account • Set their commission percentage

Website Settings:

• Admin can change the currency type of the whole site and payment method types. • Admin can update the payment gateway settings • Can update the site general settings • Can update the biding, rental and sale commission • Footer have the social website links

Reports Management:

• Report for auctioned products • Recently updated products • Product bidding Report • User reports • Products sold report • View sold products