Multiplex & Multilocation Theater Booking Script

Readymade Theater Booking Software is a seating reservation script like tickets for cinema, theater, events the which was developed in PHP/MySQL and also it’s flexible and customizable.

You can add an unlimited number of movies, Theaters, Events or concerts. In this Web Based Theater Booking Script we have tools to manage seating layouts, screening location so you can create a seat layout for each cinema/theater hall and set different ticket types and prices such as First class and Second class.

The Admin and the Back Office module has options to configure the complete functionality of the product that includes setting up cut-off times, adding service charges for advance bookings, seat blocking time to avoid the concurrent booking, generate the coupon code and the detailed booking report by using Ticket Reservation System.

Major Features in Multiplex & Multi-location Theater Booking Script

• Add theaters from multiple location

• Movie having the detailed description

• We can add multiple screens

• Movies have the Youtube Trailer

• In-built PayPal payment gateway

• User can search and modify the searching dates

• Website administrator able to schedule the shows

User End View


• Log in using a valid email and password • Recover the username/password using forgot password • Recover login details using your registered  mail id


• Create a new account with basic information • Name ,Email, Mobile number and Password • Email id validation • Confirmation mail will be sent to the registered mail id

My account

• Account settings • Manage profile (view and edit) • Change password • Booking history

Select City

• Select your city for which city required to find the entertainments • Most popular cities have the select link • Movies and cinemas will filter as per the user city selection

Search Movie

• User can search the movies, cinemas • Find with date wise • Have the date modified search option in movie booking • Also select the movies through thumbnile image

Book tickets

• User can search the movie by using movie, date and city • Each show time will show the seating availability status in popup • Select the show time • Then select number of seats and pick seat from seating layout • Book the tickets with registered member / guest user

Get Discount

• Have the coupon code option to get the discount from booking amount

Online payment

• After seat selection user can pay ticket amount through online • Have inbuild payment gateway for paypal and cc avenue • We can customize the additional payment gateways as per our requirement

Secured Transaction

• Secured online payment • We could not store the user transaction details

Print ticket

• After complete the payment user will get the e-ticket through mail • Also user can view the tickets • Take the ticket print from booking history also

CMS Pages

• About us • Contact us • News • Upcoming movies • Social media links

Counter User View

Counter user login

• Counter user login with counter user name and password • After login counter user able to book the tickets

Current booking

• Counter user can select show time for current booking in any screen • Seat booking • Counter user will select class, number of seats, select seat number from seating layout • After selection proceed to book the tickets • Get ticket print • Booking Historty • Counter user can view their booking history • User can find the tickets through the ticket number

Website Admin View


• Login using valid username and password

Admin Dashboard

• Easy to use admin dashboard to manage all of your appointments & bookings

Change password

• Password management (Change new password)

User management

• Manage user(view, edit and delete)

Testimonial management

• Will manage thewebsite testimonials ( edit and delete)

Promotional Discount

• Admin can generate the coupon code with plat amount discount values and publish the coupon code to the user

Movie management

• Admin Can Add New Movie with youtube trailer link • Admin Can Edit Old Movie Details • Admin Can Delete Movie

Theater management

• Add the new theater • Add multiple screen per theater • Manage screen(view, edit and delete) • Manage theater(view, edit and delete)

Seating rows management

• Generate the seating layouts • In seating row seats order from left to right or vice versa • Can modify the seating rows start from screen or vice versa • Can give the seating rows name (Like A, B,..)

Class management

• Add the new class • Manage class (view, edit and delete)

Seat blocking management

• As per show wise can block / unblock the seats • View blocked seats • Blocked seats are enalbled for booking in counter user • In user aread blocked seats disabled for booking

Movie Schedule management

• Add movie schedule based on the theater screen • We can add the shows as per our requirement like per day we can create three, four shows • Manage the schedules (view, edit and delete)

Book tickets

• Book the tickets from any theater • Get the tickets for booking

Location management

• Add the new location (country, state and city) • Manage location (view, edit and delete)

News management

• Add the new news • Manage news (view, edit and delete)

Banner Ads management

• We can place the Banner ads with site url • We can activate or deactivate the ads

News Letter Management

• Admin can send the newsletter to individual or group mail

Booking Management

• View the booking seats for any shows in seating layouts • Bookeed seats color combination like booking made from which end it’s show the different color combination for user, counter, admin, theater admin

Report management

• Admin can generate movie report as weekly, monthly and yearly • Also get the reports for each show • Download the reports as excel sheet

Site settings

• Admin can manage site settings and information’s • Change site name • Change admin mail id • Keywords and description • Website url • Website logo • Service fee • Cut-of mints • If we give the cut-off mints is 20 mean user area booking will be closed before 20 mints from show time

CMS management

• Admin can manage the cms pages • About us • Terms and condition