MLM Insurance Plan Script

Our readymade MLM script has wide range of settings will let you to run profitable MLM business in your own way. It will also be provided with advanced multilevel marketing solution to help you to enhance your online marketing for the products.

We have time tested, proven MLM script and a highly experienced team to assist in your success.Our MLM script is the best solution for both corporate businesses and web entrepreneurs for handling various activities of your professional MLM business.

Our MLM Insurance Plan Script suits any type of MLM business concept. We design our script as perfect as possible, tested to be free of errors, easy to deploy, secure and with the maximum functions in a very user-friendly package. In addition, by 8 years of experience we developed the application; anyone can manage without any technical support with power administration.

User View


• View statistics of commission • View down-line users details • View week commission with graph • View wallet statistics • View statistics of sell details

View Agents approval:

• First level approval • Approved Agents • Rejected Agents details

Client management:

• View available insurance type • Add insurance plan for their referral • View added insurer detail • Manage their insurer details • User can search their insurer details

Renewal insurance

• Agents can view expired insurance details • View Agents full detail • Can search Agents with name and Email • Agents can add new insurance plan • Enter the details about the insurance • Agents can view the status of renewal • Manage their profile picture details

Genealogy view:

• Agents view Agents down-line tree view • Agents can view details of Agents

Commission details management:

• View Agents commission by insurance type details • View agents by sorting option • Agent can search insurance type • View commission by particular insurance • Agent have search option for insurance

Group sale details management:

• View group sale details of their down-line users • View sale level details of their agents • View down-line count of each Agents • Agents have search option of group sale

Promotion details management:

• View Agents promotion details • View promotion details with rank • View full details about their performance


• Manage profile details • Manage their password details

Transaction management:

• Send withdrawn • Cancel withdrawn


• Agents have mail communication option • Compose mail • Inbox • Sent • Trash

Admin View

• Master Admin
• Staff management 
• Authentication management
• Company profile 
• Insurance type
• Category management
• Partner management
• Partner CSV upload management
• Partner tree view management
• Commission management
• Promotion management
• Mailing system
• Transaction management
• General settings
• Slider management
• Testimonials management
• News management
• Events management
• Location management
• Ads management 
• CMS management: