Job Site Script

If you want to launch a highly professional job portal, then we give you guarantee our Job Site Script is perfectly suitable for your requirement. From the past 16 years we are into development of job portal scripts and have developed more than 600 job portals for different industries and different clients. We have extracted the salient features from the professional job sites like Naukri.com and developed a cost effective and flexible script for you. Our Employment Script is responsive and can be customized as per your business specifications.

With our script you can manage job classifieds, premium ads and it supports numerous job categories. The main highlight of our product is the advance search options as we have filter search which helps users to search the exact job that they are seeking through 20 different ways including company wise, skill wise, experience wise, salary wise, relocation wise, notice period wise ,etc . The job seekers can view the recruiters list and can choose to follow them in order to get better job postings.

We understand that you are going to invest not only your money as well as your precious time. Hence, we carefully developed the revenue management system. You can get your ROI through classified ads, premium ads, different resume search as well as featured banner ads.

Our Recruitment Script has a powerful CMS which supports career services option through which the job hunters can enhance their interview skills, resume spotlight, salary negotiator, etc. Our software also supports premium services such as resume writing, background verification, aptitude test, etc in order to help the employees get noticed. They can add, edit, delete and update their profiles. They can share the job postings with their friends. It is print friendly and the users can upload multiple resumes. Social media integration to save the time spent on creating new profile as well as to notice postings while browsing the social network sites. Our script includes testimonials, blogs and newsletters.

Site admin can control the jobs posted by recruiters, user management and banner ads. The admin will receive complete stats report to understand the total number of jobs posted, viewed and assigned every single day, manage transactions- how many people paid, not paid and pending .We have a strong CMS module through which the admin can update all general settings and services.

Support from our end: We provide brand free product so that you can do the branding as per your choice and slash your competition. We constantly update our products as per latest technology and also share them with you for 5 years at absolutely no cost. We have skilled in-house technical team to support you for any technical clarifications for 10 years.

Now that you are aware of our feature enriched product and can’t wait for launching your website, we guarantee that your site will be live within 24 hours. So hurry and go-live now.

Further if you have any clarification Contact Us.

User View

Sign up:

• New user can REGISTER using the basic details. • Confirmation mail can be received from appropriate site.

Log in:

• User can log in by using valid user name and password. • User has the forget password option. • Password can be change by recovery option.

Home page:

• User can view the search box. • User can search a job under different categories. • User can view different job portal. • User can apply for a job. • User has some quick search options.


• User can search using keywords, location and functional area. • User has quick search option. • User has advanced search option. • User has search by industry and company options. • User has quick access for the job portal career services.

My account:

• User can view their own website. • User can edit or modify the profile. • User can upload profile picture and resume. • User can upgrade their account. • User can view related jobs and setting option. • User can view the pending details. • User can view the profile status.


• User can search the institute by location, program type and subject. • User can view some top institutes in default.

Career services:

• Resume writing: • User can view the appropriate image. • User can view the sub headings with SUBSCRIBE option. • User can apply for enquiry. • User has some special functionality for subscriptions. • User can view the career advice and selected plan options. • User can order a product. • Online test: • User can take a online quiz. • User can view the top rankers list. • User can select the particular test. • User can view the grade for their performance. • Placement papers: • User can view some placement papers. • User can view placement papers by some categories. • Tutorials: • User can view some tutorials. • User can view the categories.’


• User can view the list of groups. • User can join to any group and post comments. • User can search a group from the search box. • User can view the posted comments.

Premium consultancies:

• User can search the consultancy by location, keyword and functional area.

CMS page:

• Help. • Privacy policy. • About us. • Terms and conditions. • Contact us. • RSS feed • Social data pages.

Employee View

Home page:

• Employee can view the profile. • Employee can download the pdf for registration process. • Employee can download the pdf for job post process. • Employee can download the pdf for resume access process. • Employee can manage the sub users. • Employee can change the password. • Employee can configure the management. • Employee can view confirmation menu. • Employee can search for resumes. • Employee can manage jobs and responses.


• Employee can manage the company profile details.

Find candidate:

• Employee can search for a candidate by id and job title.

Resume access:

• Employee can manage the resume access and job posting access. • Employee can manage sending request.

Post job:

• Employee can manage the job details. • Employee can manage the candidate details. • Employee can manage the candidate profile. • Employee can view the posted job list.

Transaction list:

• Employee can view the job posting and resume transaction details. • Employee can view the status.


• Employee can report for a bug.

Admin View

Home page:

• Admin can view the waiting of approval • Admin can view the administrator, employers, seekers and job details Manage site • Administrator • Sub admin • Functional area • Industry course • Program type • Subject • Location management • Job location • Education details • Home page ads • Platform • CMS contents • CMS list editor page • CMS uploads • Email content • Listing count • General setting

Price setting:

• Database access price • Job posting • Job seekers plan • Training institute plan • Admin can manage the key skills details

Employers order management:

• Admin can manage database access details. • Admin can manage job posting access details.

Placement papers:

• Admin can manage the company list details. • Admin can manage the categories list details. • Admin can manage the placement papers details.


• Admin can manage the job seekers details. • Admin can manage the employee details. • Admin can manage the institute details.

Experts details:

• Admin can manage the advice details.

Featured details:

• Admin can manage the featured details. • Admin can manage the feature purchased details.

Manage seekers:

• Admin can modify the seeker’s profile. • Admin can manage the improting data from excel. • Admin can manage the resume access data. • Admin can maange the inactive resume users details.

Manage employees:

• Admin can manage the employer’s profile. • Admin can manage the employer posted jobs. • Admin can manage the unregistered company posts. • Admin can manage the send job request.

Online test/training:

• Admin can manage test and training categories. • Admin can manage the test users details.


• Admin can manage the group details.

Ads management:

• Admin can manage the ads and institute slider. • Admin can manage the home slider and home page pop-up.


• Admin can manage the CV’s search and reports.

Change password:

• Admin can change the password.