Fundraising Script

If you are looking for donate based on Fundraising Charity Script then you can stop the search because we develop this application with more than sixty pages to envelope all necessary functionality including intelligible CMS, SEO friendly URL, three different payment gateway, multi-language supports, donation form, commission management and private message with social media integration with reinforce of a group subsists of proficient technicians for last three months. This project is the best solution for either user is an individual, company or organization.

Now-a-days the market value of Fundraising & Charity Script business has reached more than trillion. We have sold more than fifty Fundraising Website Script for last one year itself. According to your specifications you can customize as you wish because we offer editable version. Opensource Crowdfunding Script php comes bug-free and fully tested before it is deployed in the server. We are warranty for 1 years technical support with an exclusive offer of 6 months upgrade of full source code.

User View


• New user can REGISTER into the site for their own with the basic information. • Registration is an unpaid option for any user. • Registration will be completed by receiving the conformation mail.

Log in:

• Registered candidates can log in to their profile with valid username and password. • In case of forget password user can call for the forget password option.

Scope of the project:

• This project is develops a readymade donate crowd funding script. • It creates an arc between donator and the help needier. • Is the user is a person who searches for an exclusive donation site with some advanced feature means here is a solution. Because this project is developed with the support of a group subsists of proficient technicians for last tree month.


• User can stretch some themes with sliding option. • User can help by donate, fundraise and participation. • User can prospect their causes and upcoming events update. • User can perspective the partners of the site. • This page has exclusive of number of different and unique homepages.


• User can subscribe to newsletter to get the updated news about current site via mail.


• User can view the cause details in the cause page. • User can stretch the description of the cause by a single click. • User can share their view through the social network in order to get the help from their mates.


• Blog page consists of the details that posted by the help needier about their needs. • Blog pages used to know about the needier status and their requirement. • In this page all the details are covered and easy to go through the page. • User can stretch the popular news that happened.

Upcoming events:

• User has an option of quick search which is used to search for an event. • This page consists of awesome event layouts which can make the user to sit steady to watch. • User can view the event by calendar which is used to get the event details easily. • User can stretch their calendar by means of the month, list or days. • User has an option of viewing the total detail about the event by a single click. • User can prospect the map details if the location is available. • The complete page subsists of the entire details of the event clearly.


• This page subsists of the video. • It consists of the redirecting link which can easily connect to the e-banking page. • The banking will be easy to access and totally secured. • The user’s personal details will not be published to anyone without acceptance of the user.

Contact us:

• User can view the location vie map. • User can submit a message to the site about their feedback.


• This project has a benefit of advanced CMS contents. • This project is developed to reinforce nearby 20 prior features including different gateway payment, multi-language supports, donation form and different default social media log in. • Apart from other sites this project has a peculiar feature of different category people like individual, company and organization can benefited from this sight. • User can run this site with fraction of time as they can’t imagine. • The full source code is ban free with a prior warranty of 10 years technical support and 5 years free upgrade. • User can easily access this site because of SEO friendly which listed the URL in few days.

Admin View

Log in:

• Admin can log in with valid username and password. • Forms are validated with Jquery . • Admin have the special option of forget password. • Password can be recovered by the appropriate mail id.


• Admin can stretch the recent activities and commerce status. • Admin can view page at glance. • Admin can take quick notes by using quick draft. • Admin can prospect the updating details. • SEO posts overview can be guided by an admin.


• Admin can guide the posts and update the posts. • Admin can add new posts and categorize the user’s posts. • Admin can search for a post details for a quick access. • Admin can tag the user’s details. • Admin can trash or modify the post.


• Admin can guide the event details. • Admin has a special option to organize the event. • Admin can filter the event details. • Admin can categorize the event details under dates and SEO score. • Admin can search for a particular event using some keywords. • Admin can tag the event details. • Admin can publish the event venue details to the user. • Admin can import the event details in csv format using advanced method. • Admin can manage the default encoding details and status. • Admin can guide for the setting of the display and calendar details. • Admin can include some add-ons to the Events page.


• Admin can guide all the pages. • Admin can search from search box in pages. • Admin can filter by date and SEO score. • Admin can trash or modify the pages. • Admin can add new page.


• Admin can manage the comments. • Admin can search for search box in comments. • Admin can trash or modified the comments. • Admin can filter the comment by using pings and comments.

Contact forms:

• All user’s contact is managed by the admin. • Contact forms are filtered using date, category. • Admin can search contact form using search box. 


• Admin can read all the documentations. • Admin can manage the statistic, newsletter and subscriber.. • Admin can add new newsletter. • Admin can list the subscriber’s status. • Admin can manage the newspaper settings.

Donation management:


• Admin can manage the donation. • Donation is filtered using date and customer list. • Admin can search donation details using search box.


• Admin can manage the coupons. • Coupons are filtered using date and customer list. • Admin can search coupon using search box.


• Admin can take report by date, customer and stock. • Admin can take report under the category of week, month and year. • Admin can check the system status. • Admin can manage Add-ons.

Product management:


• Admin can manage the products. • Products are filtered using date, types, SEO scores and customer. • Admin can add a new product and manage it. • Admin can search product using search box.


• Admin can manage the category of the products. • Admin can add a new product. • Admin can search product category using search box.


• Admin can manage the product tag. • Admin can add new product tag. • Admin can search a product tag using search box.


• Admin can manage all attributes.


• Admin can manage user detail. • Users are filtered using role. • Admin can search user by name, Email.


• Admin can customize the theme settings. • Admin can manage the widgets and menus. • Admin can manage the general, header and footer setting. • Admin can manage the tour page settings like sidebars, display style. • Admin can manage FAQ and blog pages. • Admin can manage the social network sharing details. • Admin can manage the import or export options. • Admin can manage the template settings. • Admin can manage the plug-in.


• Admin can regenerate thumbnails for all products. • Admin can manage import and export details.

General settings:

• Admin can manage• • Site title • Site address • E-Mail address • Time zone • Date and time format • Site language • Payment gateway • Admin manage social network login setting. • Admin manage visual composer general settings.


• Causes details are categorized and managed by an admin. • Admin can guide the thumbnail for the particular cause. • Admin can filter the cause by dates and SEO score. • There is a search option for quick access the cause detail. • Admin can add or modify the cause details.


• Admin can add a new portfolis. • Admin can categorize the portfolis. • There is a search engine which is used to search a particular portfolis. • Portfolis can be filtered by dates, SEO score.


• Admin can categorize the client details. • Admin can add new client detail. • Admin can filter the clients detail by date, SEO score. • Admin has the option of search a particular client by search engine. • Admin can add some thumbnails.


• Admin can search for a team member using search engine. • Admin can add a new employee detail. • Admin can add thumbnail for the particular employee. • Admin can manage the employee details. • Admin can filter the employees detail by date and SEO score. • There is a useful option for the customer who is preferred for the used cars as autoinspekt.


• Admin can search for testimonials using the search engine. • Admin can add a new testimonial. • Admin can manage thumbnail and description details of the author. • Admin can filter testimonial by dates and SEO score.

Layer slider:

• Admin can modify the arrangement of the slider. • Admin can add a new slider. • Admin can manage the layer slider. • Admin can import the sample sliders. • Admin can prospect the short code of the slider. • Admin can edit the skin and CSS of the layer. • Admin can guide the 2D and 3D transitions.