Basic local classified listing script

I-Net Enquiry Management This application is boon for people finding difficulties in managing their Incoming Enquiries from various sources and their replies to them. Enquires are the source of Growing business in any areas of life. Be it a small business or a Big enterprise, effective handling of the generated enquires leads to new business and New sales. Our Web Based Enquiry Management Software Research shows that there is a huge market / need for such application which can manage the business enquires and handle them effectively. Companies are making huge losses as their enquires go unattended or not properly responded. Our IEM takes care of the complete requirement and provides Total solution for such need from any quarter of business segment. The specifications are as under: The enquiry management script is a web based application using latest PHP technologies and MYSQL database.

With the demands of the people increasing day by day with a proportional relation to shortage of time, the demand of classifieds services to the likes of JUST DIAL is on the rise. There are wide spread areas across the world where the classifieds services are limited to some metros.

Through this Just Dial Clone Script, we have initiated a mammoth leap for bringing the entire world into the stream of classifieds with minimal investment. If you are seriously inclined to make a serious jump of faith into this 100% successful business of classifieds, we are here to assist you.

Our expert team specially designed this Just Dial clone Script for Startup and Mid level entrepreneurs for assisting their efforts in increasing their clientele.


Basic and Advanced Search
CMS- About us, FAQ, Contact us
Category Listing
User friendly Registration
Ratings and Upgrade
Offer to Enquiry
Menu Order Listing
Admin Dashboard
Category Management
Advertisement Management
Membership Management
New free Listing

This Company listing software covers approximately all essential features offered by Just Dial. Your active participation with assistance from us in the form of Basic Local Classified Listing Script can make wonders if pursued in full spirit.

An integrated Social Media Login facility, with the provisions for various kinds of search, user-friendly navigations, and variety of Membership packages, this clone of the Just Dial Script is the best you could wish for with best economic rewards.

This professional and affordable solution for local listings, designed with a double revenue model earns revenue for you by providing membership packages, and by placing Banner advertisements, which are easily customizable through Admin privileges.

This Basic Local Classified Listing Script has provisions for Unlimited Categorizations and re-categorizations besides the Pre-Built functionality to update the Clients with latest developments, and management of users.

Facility to manage Newsletters for both active and inactive users through admin.

An Integrated Search Result will also provide intimation services to the users on their search results assisting to follow up their leads.

We remove our name completely with no demarcations as to where from the script was purchased, preventing duplicity by your competitors.

With no hidden cost involved, and always there to assist you in all the possible ways, what else can we offer? If you can think of anything that we might be of help, please feel free to call us or mail us.

Further if you have any clarification Contact Us.

User View


• Validate the user name and password • Forget password • High secure authentication


• Get the login details • Basic details about the user and business • User and business address • Schedule details • Google map location • Payment methods (cash, pay-pal, etc.) • You-tube embedded code • Business related documents • Image uploads • Image gallery • Terms of services

Fine a business

• To search a business details using different kind of ways • Business name • Country wise search • Keywords search • Zip code

Business details view

• To view the business details in tab menu • The tab menu divide to about us, location, contact us

Profile details

• To view and edit their profile and update • Delete profile • About us • FAQ • Contact Us • Logout

Admin View

Admin login

• Validate the user name and password • High secure authentication


• Key word total count • User count • Active and inactive users details

Manage users

• To manage the user • Edit, delete, block and unblock users

Key words management

• Manage key words • Add key words

News letter management

• Send a news letter active and de- active users

General setting page

• Logout