Email Marketing Script

Great email marketing site that will make it easier for your customers to send mass emails for business or pleasure

Thanks For your Interest our readymade script Please read through this very detailed description to find out everything associated with this auction. If you plan on spending your hard earned money you should know exactly what you are spending it on before doing so.

Bulk Email Script delivers flexible, user-friendly and affordable tools to create, send and track high performance email and newsletter campaigns. Our script will customize your HTML messages within fraction of seconds and reach the inbox of the target recipients across the globe. Our attractive and precise subject line will get you maximum reverts from prospective clients.

Our Email Marketing Script is loaded with all the salient features beneficial for the site owner. It consists of IP address rotate to reduce SPAM. You can easily manage your email campaign with or without much technical knowledge. We provide pre-defined templates. Also, you have the freedom to import your own designed newsletter templates.

Our Mass Mail Script has membership listings for the members. They can view the emails, membership plan details such as the package name, total count of emails- send, receive, etc. They can view the message history which displays total mails sent for the day, month, year, etc. They can create the user groups with group name, emails, subject as well as change their passwords. Members can view the report for emails sent, received, etc.

Admin takes care of the user management which includes how many members have subscribed, unsubscribed, etc. The admin manages and approves the membership plans and defines the prices for the same. The admin can search the emails by name, email id, country, member type, login from-date to to-date, etc. The admin handles the total number of orders. Admin has access to member reports which showcases active members, inactive members, verification members, number of mails that successfully reached the inbox, what is the bounce rate, etc. The admin views and edits the members groups and FAQ. Also, the banner ads are posted on admin approval.

The main advantage of buying from us is customization as we develop the script in open source which allows you to do whatever changes you want to suit your business concept. Furthermore, if you are stretched for time or skill, we can handle the customization for you at nominal rates as we have in-house team of experienced developers to serve the purpose. We extend our support even after sales and provide full source code with 5 years free updates, technical clarifications for 10 years and Brand free product.


Linux operating system (windows might work but not supported)
Apache Webserver – version 2.x
PHP >= 5.2 (php >= 5.4 recommeded for high delivery speed)
MySQL >= 5.1 with InnoDB storage engine
Cron Jobs access (linux cron jobs not web crons)


This site was designed within the CSS of PHP. The logo and favicon is unique and made from scratch. The color scheme matches the logo perfectly and the layout is dead on. A great design can also be a big deciding factor in whether a site floats or sinks.


I will be available for support up until 1 year after listing sale ends free of charge. Everything is linked to my phone so no matter what time of the day it is I will respond to any messages during that period. I am literally glued to my phone so this means you would probably be able to reach me 18 hrs out of the day

Further if you have any clarification Contact Us.

User View


• Login by email-id and password • JavaScript validation for email and password fields


• Basic account information such as email-id and password • Basic contact information such as Name, Country, State etc. • JavaScript validation for all the required fields • Terms and conditions view

Member’s Listing Showcase

• Risk Management Services • Sales and Marketing • Marketing research • Budget Planning • Environment and Efficiency • Best Support

My Emails

• Member’s mails are shown in my email’s

Member’s Profile

• My Account • Membership Details • Message History

My Account

• User’s Name, Email, Country, State • Member’s status • Account Valid date • Edit option

Membership Details

• Package Name • Emails count for separate in total, send, receive, left

Message History

• Message sent for today • Message sent for month • Message sent for year • Total Count

Upgrade Membership Details

• Four Membership options are available • Silver • Gold • Platinum • Diamond

My Groups

• Group Name • Sender Name • Emails • Mail Type • Group Status • Create Group

Create Group

• Group Name • Emails • Subject • Sender Name • Mail Type

Change Password

• Member’s change password in this field


• This is include design template

Admin View

User Management

• View the user details • View the particular user details • Edit the user details

Package Member’s

• Member’s are align in the membership packages

Country Management

• View the country list • Add the country

Tips Management

• View the Tips list • Add new List

General Settings

• Website Name, Keywords, Description, Team, Mail URL are view and edit • Smtp Password, User are view and delete

Search Management

• Search by Name, Email id • Search by Country • Search by Member type • Search by Login From-date to To-date • Search by Register From-date to To-date

Membership Management

• View all membership packages • Edit packages

Order Management

• List the order Details • View the particular order details

CMS Management

• View the Cms pages • Edit the cms

Help Management

• List the Help Details • Edit the Help Details

Member Reports

• Reports are listed into four types • They are, • Active Members • Inactive Members • Verification Members • View All Members

Group Management

• View All Groups • View the particular Groups • Edit the Groups

Password Change

• Admin change the password in this field

Site Statistics

• Site Statistics are listed into four types • They are, • Visitiors • Sign up • Sign in • Member’s

FAQ Management

• View All FAQ • View the particular FAQ • Edit the FAQ

Banner ADS

• View All banner ads • View the particular banner ads • Edit the banner ads

Footer Images

• View All footer images • View the particular footer images • Edit the footer images