Custom Design Script

If you like to start personalized web based designing system for t-shirt, visiting card, mugs then you can choose our script. We have developed Custom Design Script with lot of advanced features. Customer can upload their own design and also have the ability to change their name, color, logo, fonts based on their own idea. This is one of the potential business for the last few years. We are a valuable name in today’s web development industry over the last 12 years for building exceptional and remarkable custom design scripts for diverse business needs. Based on our experience and client expectation we developed this PHP Custom design script

Our Custom Design Script is suitable for making customizable T-shirts, Mugs, Stickers, Business cards and Visiting Cards and many others. With our script you can express and create your unique T-shirt or personalized gifts. User can upload their own images, funny quotes, favorite logos, sayings for their Business cards, Mugs, Pens and Wallets. This Responsive custom design script is developed by powerful open source scripting language PHP and also we have used popular database query language MySql and advanced web languages like Ajax and jquery and it is comfortable with all devices especially for mobiles and tablets.

The Readymade custom design script is easy to use , SEO friendly and offers a variety of designer tools that helps the user to originate an identity from predefined templates. Using our in-built Readymade product templates , layouts and color schemes, users can choose a variety of designs with respect to the category and order it from the website. Without much technical knowledge anyone can change background color, font size, text, style and add their images by using our script. Our advanced version custom design script has much more facility for both user and shop owner to manage their products . We will give you the guarantee for our script 10 year support, 5 years free update and brand free. Also we are ready to customize based on their customer requirement if it needs.

Our Features:

Easy to Setup and Manage

Payment Gateway Integrated

SEO friendly script

Design Own T-shirt:

Add T-shirt from available design (with/without color).

Add Text from available Text format.

Add logo from available logos.

Add Art work from available arts.

Complete e-commerce solutions for online design store

Complete Content Management System (CMS)

Pre loaded products library

Preloaded Clipart library

Preloaded fonts on designer

User View

Sign up:

• User can find the “Register” top of the website • User can register with valid E-mail address and Password • Conformation mail sent to registered mail

Sign in:

• User login with valid username and password • Forget password option also available in login form • User can Re-set the password using Registered mail-Id

Home screen:

• User can view various products listed in categories • All products shows their product name with price detail • User can search products by category and product name

Product management:

• User can view the products with product image • Each products contains their description • User can customize their product color with color picker • User can add text and image in product • User can add product to wish list • User can post a review • User can give star rate for the product • User can share the product details with social networks


• User can search product using desired keywords • Every products are categorized by various categories


• User can manage their profile • User can change billing and shipping address


• User can buy product using cart • User manage selected product in cart • User can use coupon code • User can choose their payment method • User can choose any payment method as per their willing transfer method 


• User can interact with admin using chat • User can ask their doubts in chat option with admin


• User can manage wishlist products

CMS Page:

• About us • Contact us • User agreement • Privacy policy • Social network connections

Admin View


• Admin can login with valid username and password • Form is validated with JQuery • Forget password option also available in login form


• Admin can view recent reviews of order management • Admin can view order status of order management

Product Management:

• Products • All products are managed by the admin • Products are filtered using date, category, type • Admin can search products using search box  • Category • All product category are managed by the admin • Category are filtered using name • Admin can search category using search box  • Tags • All product tags are managed by the admin • Tags are filtered using name • Admin can search tags using search box  • Admin can add and manage new tags for the products • Shipping class • All shipping class are managed by the admin • Shipping class are filtered using name • Admin can search shipping class using search box  • Custom product • Admin can adding new product for custom design • Admin can approve new product to write image and text • Custom design • Admin can add and manage new design to the product • Admin can add new category to the product


• All posts are managed by the admin • Posts are filtered using date, category • Admin can search post using search box  • Admin can add and manage new category for the post • Admin can add and manage new keyword for the post


• All testimonials are managed by the admin • Testimonials are filtered using date • Admin can search testimonials using search box


• All pages are managed by the admin • Pages are filtered using date, category • Admin can search pages using search box


• All comments of related with product are managed by the admin • Comments are filtered using date, category • Admin can search comments using search box 


• All media are managed by the admin • Media are filtered using date, category • Admin can search media using search box 

Chat Management:

• Admin can interact with online users • All chats are managed by the admin • Admin can search chat using search box • Admin can manage general settings of chat


• Admin can manage user details  • Users are filtered using role • Admin can search user by name, Email

General Settings:

• Admin can manage  • Site title • Site address • E-Mail address • Time zone • Date and time format • Site language • Payment gateway • Admin can manage visual composer settings

Order Management:

• Order • All orders of products are managed by the admin • Orders are filtered using date, customer name • Admin can search order using search box  • Coupons • All coupons are managed by the admin • Coupons are filtered using date, type • Admin can search coupons using search box  • Reports • Admin can take reports of ordered products and earning of the products and ordered customer and stock details   • Admin can take reports by week, month and year • Admin can view system status

Theme Option:

• PSM Settings • Admin can manage Color and background settings • Admin can manage layout settings • Admin can manage promo popup settings • Admin manage responsive design settings