craigslist, Gumtree, Khojle Clone Script

Now-a-days throughout the world, number of metropolitan city is increased and the people who were living in those cities are struggling to find out the product shop location and which is best product. After analyzing these details, we have established an amazing script which serves in connecting certain category people with many unique and numeric features called Craigslist Clone Script either you can use this script as classified ads script. Here you can search for restaurant, arts, entertainment, hotels, furniture, lounge and etc from a single script which suits for either local classified any specific business criteria as university of college or school at certain city or state, kid’s toys store room listing.

This script has peculiarity of viewing the map view of the respective place via Google map integration which serves user to get the direction that’s way to a particular place from their current location. There is also a smart way categorization of the places that helps the user to find their required details without any struggle. User can also perspective some special ongoing offer details in the city.

This Open Source Gumtree Clone Script has default payment gateway as PayPal, still you can add any other gateway as your wish and people don’t need to struggle for sharing their favorite products or log in via social network like facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, twitter. The additional amazing features of this script were responsive design, blog management, multi-currency support, multi-language support, listing management, progressive search option, and progressive CMS management. Even one million visitors view the site means user can view the page without any trouble.

Through admin you can supervise the categories, sub-categories and photo gallery that you can use our own individual categories which gives clear idea of location, photo gallery, description, user review and communication details.

We assure, this Gumtree Clone Script assists you to cent percent success for your business with our warranty, free source code upgrade and 24x7 customer supports which helps for operating this script without any struggle.

User View


• User can REGISTER for their account with the basic information. • User can register via social network.

Log in:

• User can log in by valid username and password. • User has an option of forget password for recovery purpose.


• User can suggest some links in the home page itself. • User can search for a particular place. • User can be suggested by best things to do in the city details. • User can view how it works. • User can prospect the articles and tips details.


• User can search for their wished place. • User can prospect the description details in the search result. • User can view the comments about the post. • User can post the comment.

Listing management:

• User can view the location details via Google map. • User can prospect under the category. • User can view the pictorial details about the selected category. • User can view the review details. • User can submit a review. • User can get the direction to the concern place. • User can view the contact details of the concern person. • User can view the shop available details. • User can search as per the category.


• User can view the blog details. • User can search for a particular blog. • User can share the blog details via social network.


• User can view some special offer. • User can view the description, additional information and review details. • User can add the product to cart. • User can add their favorite to cart.


• The existing user can add a listing detail. • User can view the preview of their list before post on the site.

CMS page:

• Help • Social network connection.

Admin View

Log in:

• Admin can log in with valid username and password. • Forms are validated with Jquery. • Admin have the special option of forget password. • Password can be recovered by the appropriate mail id.


• Admin can stretch the recent activities and commerce status. • Admin can view page at glance. • Admin can take quick notes by using quick draft. • Admin can prospect the updating details. • SEO posts overview can be guided by an admin.


• Admin can supervise all post details. • Admin can filter the post by date and category. • Admin can add new post. • Admin can search for a particular post via search box. • Admin can categorize the post details. • Admin can tag for a post details.


• Admin can supervise all pages. • Admin can filter the page details by dates. • Admin can search for a particular page details using search option. • Admin can add or modify the page.


• Admin can supervise all comments. • Admin can filter the comment by comment types. • Admin can search for a particular comment using search option. • Admin can add or modify the comment details.

Listing management:

• Admin can manage the listing details. • Admin can filter the listing details via date, category and SEO score. • Admin can search for a list detail via search box. • Admin can manage the listing category. • Admin can manage the listing tag details. • Admin can vary the settings of listing. • Admin can guide the submission details. • Admin can manage the list pages detail.

Order management:


• Admin can manage the orders. • Orders are filtered using date and customer list. • Admin can search order using search box.


• Admin can manage the coupons. • Coupons are filtered using date and customer list. • Admin can search coupon using search box.


• Admin can take report by date, customer and stock. • Admin can take report under the category of week, month and year. • Admin can check the system status. • Admin can manage Add-ons.

Product management:


• Admin can manage the products. • Products are filtered using date, types, SEO scores and customer. • Admin can add a new product and manage it. • Admin can search product using search box.


• Admin can manage the category of the products. • Admin can add a new product. • Admin can search product category using search box.


• Admin can manage the product tag. • Admin can add new product tag. • Admin can search a product tag using search box.


• Admin can manage all attributes.


• Admin can customize the theme settings. • Admin can manage the widgets and menus. • Admin can manage the general, header and footer setting. • Admin can manage the tour page settings like sidebars, display style. • Admin can manage FAQ and blog pages. • Admin can manage the social network sharing details. • Admin can manage the import or export options. • Admin can manage the template settings. • Admin can manage the plug-in.


• Admin can supervise all users’ details. • Admin can change the role of the user. • Admin can search for a particular user’s details using search option. • Admin can add or modify the user’s profile. • Admin can manage the users’ profile.


• Admin can regenerate thumbnails for all products. • Admin can manage import and export details.

General settings:

Admin can manage 

• Site title • Site address • E-Mail address • Time zone • Date and time format • Site language • Payment gateway • Admin manage social network login setting. • Admin manage visual composer general settings.