Coupon Sharing Script

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User View


• New user can REGISTER into the site for their own with the basic information. • Registration is an unpaid option for any user. • Registration will be completed by receiving the conformation mail.

Log in:

• Registered candidates can log in to their profile with valid username and password. • In case of forget password user can call for the forget password option.


• User can prospect a pleasant and clear image of graphic elements. • User can search for their wish on the search box. • User has a prior search that used to shortlist their view. • Users can perspective the coupon detail with its feedback on home page itself. • User doesn’t require any technical knowledge to access this page. • User can register for once and get unlimited details about the coupons with lifetime validity. • User can easily customize the page as their own wish. • User can set up the child lock for the security. • This script is 100% open source which can be used by any user for free in cost. • User can stretch the popular stores to view the coupon details for quick access purpose.

Stores management:

• All stores can be perspective in this page. 


• This page subsists of the details about the payable cost details. • User can buy the membership card and then can add the product to the coupon page. • User can customize the advertising display. • Widget sidebars allow inserting advertising banners and code anywhere throughout your website.

My account:

• User can manage their own account detail. • User can add a new product to listing page in free in cost. • User can add their favorite product to the favorite list. • To get more progressive details user can upgrade their account to the premium as per their convenience. • Upgrade gives the option to the user listing with popular listing enhancements. • Membership plans allows the user to bundle listings. • User can buy a membership my online booking details. • By membership plan user can read send private messages. • Online transaction has a secure with PayPal option.


• User can subscribe for the latest update and posts via e-mail.


• User can stretch the blog details. • Each blog subsists of variety of items. • User can leave a comment about their view and experience.

Revenue model:

• Admin can get yield from user’s membership. • Admin has a benefit from the selling commission. • User can pay for the banner advertisement.

Admin View

Log in:

• Admin can log in with valid username and password. • Forms are validated with Jquery. • Admin have the special option of forget password. • Password can be recovered by the appropriate mail id.


• Admin can stretch the recent activities and commerce status. • Admin can view page at glance. • Admin can take quick notes by using quick draft. • Admin can prospect the updating details. • SEO posts overview can be guided by an admin.

Order management:

• Admin can establish the user’s order detail. • Admin can filter the order detail by keyword or in-between date. • Admin can manage the action detail. • Admin can add a new gateway option. • Admin can manage the currency setting by varying the symbol, code, currency position and decimal places. • Admin can maintain the amount withdrawal details. • Admin can create a new coupon and manage it.

Blog management:

• Admin can supervise all blog posts. • Admin can filter the blogs by dates and categories. • Admin can search for a particular blog post using search option. • Admin can add or modify the blog post. • Admin can manage the categories and tags.

Coupon management:

• Admin can supervise all list details. • Admin can filter the list details by dates. • Admin can search for a particular list detail using search option. • Admin can add or modify the lists. • Admin can manage the categories and tags.


• Admin can supervise all pages. • Admin can filter the page details by dates. • Admin can search for a particular page details using search option. • Admin can add or modify the page.


• Admin can supervise all comments. • Admin can filter the comment by comment types. • Admin can search for a particular comment using search option. • Admin can add or modify the comment details.


• Admin can supervise all banners. • Admin can filter the banner details. • Admin can add or modify the banner details.


• Admin can supervise all campaign details. • Admin can filter the campaign details by dates and categories. • Admin can search for a particular campaign using search option. • Admin can add or modify the campaign details.


• Admin can customize the theme settings. • Admin can manage the widgets and menus. • Admin can manage the general, header and footer setting. • Admin can manage the tour page settings like sidebars, display style. • Admin can manage FAQ and blog pages. • Admin can manage the social network sharing details. • Admin can manage the import or export options. • Admin can manage the template settings. • Admin can manage the plug-in.


• Admin can regenerate thumbnails for all products. • Admin can manage import and export details.

General settings:

Admin can manage:

• Site title • Site address • E-Mail address • Time zone • Date and time format • Site language • Payment gateway • Admin manage social network login setting. • Admin manage visual composer general settings.