Car Service Script

Car service script is a progressive script which permits you to book an appointment for your vehicle service that saves your time to repair the car that consists of entire details on single page. This is a user friendly and responsive design script subsist every detail which serves us to found the preventative maintenance and tire service details. You can perspective the gallery list regarding to the service where can be posted in the Car Business Website Software with the approval of the admin. There is also an option for prospect the customer testimonial details, team members’ details, and basic details of the company. The further features of the Taxi Service Script were advanced CMS management, media management, appointment management, feedback form management, history management, services management, PayPal payment gateway, Google optimization.

As an admin you can maintain and too supervise all these details via administrative panel. You have a revenue model via adaptive payment, commission plan. You can customize entire script by your own even you does not have any technical knowledge due to our fully source code and also you can personalize the entire Car service Website script by your own. We also assure for 1 years technical support and 6 months free source code upgrade with 24x7 customer support via our proficient technicians.

User View


• User can view all the features at the home page itself. • User can make an appointment. • User can leave a feedback. • User can view the service and history details. • User can view the gallery details.


• User can view the advantages of the car service.


• User can view the service and repair details with price tag. • User can prospect the preventative maintenance detail. • User can perspective the tire service details.


• User can view the history of the car service centre.


• User can view the pictorial view of some available services.

Appointment management:

• User can book for an appointment by giving the basic details. • User can select the category and service detail. • User can provide service time and date. • User can select the employee name. • User can fix the time for the appointment. • User can give their basic details for communication. • User can pay via online. • User can view the greeting message.


• User can submit a feedback by providing the mail id and contact number.

CMS page:

• Customer testimonial.

Admin View

Log in:

• Admin can log in with valid username and password. • Forms are validated with Jquery. • Admin have the special option of forget password. • Password can be recovered by the appropriate mail id.


• Admin can stretch the recent activities and commerce status. • Admin can view page at glance. • Admin can take quick notes by using quick draft. • Admin can prospect the updating details. • SEO posts overview can be guided by an admin.


• Admin can supervise all pages. • Admin can filter the page details by dates. • Admin can search for a particular page details using search option. • Admin can add or modify the page.


• Admin can supervise all comments. • Admin can filter the comment by comment types. • Admin can search for a particular comment using search option. • Admin can add or modify the comment details.


• Admin can supervise the sidebar details. • Admin can filter the sidebars by date. • Admin can search for a sidebar detail via search box. • Admin can add a new sidebar detail.

Listing management:

• Admin can manage the listing details. • Admin can filter the listing details via date. • Admin can search for listing details via search box. • Admin can manage the test drives detail. • Admin can manage the listing category. • Admin can import the listing details from CSV or XML • Admin can also import web manager XML.

Contact forms:

• All users’ contact is managed by the admin. • Contact forms are filtered using date, category. • Admin can search contact form using search box. 

Order management:


• Admin can manage the orders. • Orders are filtered using date and customer list. • Admin can search order using search box.


• Admin can manage the coupons. • Coupons are filtered using date and customer list. • Admin can search coupon using search box.


• Admin can take report by date, customer and stock. • Admin can take report under the category of week, month and year. • Admin can check the system status. • Admin can manage Add-ons.

Product management:


• Admin can manage the products. • Products are filtered using date, types, SEO scores and customer. • Admin can add a new product and manage it. • Admin can search product using search box.


• Admin can manage the category of the products. • Admin can add a new product. • Admin can search product category using search box.


• Admin can manage the product tag. • Admin can add new product tag. • Admin can search a product tag using search box.


• Admin can manage all attributes.


• Admin can customize the theme settings. • Admin can manage the widgets and menus. • Admin can manage the general, header and footer setting. • Admin can manage the tour page settings like sidebars, display style. • Admin can manage FAQ and blog pages. • Admin can manage the social network sharing details. • Admin can manage the import or export options. • Admin can manage the template settings. • Admin can manage the plug-in.


• Admin can manage the user details. • Admin can modify the role of the user. • Admin can search for a user by the advanced search option. • Admin can supervise the action of the site users. • Admin can include a person into the site. • Admin can change the theme settings too. • Admin can enable for the keyboard settings and toolbar. • Admin can include the new profile.


• Admin can regenerate thumbnails for all products. • Admin can manage import and export details.

General settings:

Admin can manage:

• Site title • Site address • E-Mail address • Time zone • Date and time format • Site language • Payment gateway • Admin manage social network login setting. • Admin manage visual composer general settings.

Dealership management:


• Admin can manage the calendar view. • Admin can vary the view as week, month or year basis. • Admin can add a new appointment to the calendar.


• Admin can supervise the appointment details. • Admin can filter the appointment details via date. • Admin can add a new appointment details. • Admin can export the appointment details to CSV. • Admin can delete the appointment details.

Staff members:

• Admin can manage the staff member details. • Admin can add a staff member detail. • Admin can merge the service detail to the staff member. • Admin can schedule for the staff member. • Admin can manage the days off details of the staff members.


• Admin can manage the service details of the staff. • Admin can add a new service detail. • Admin can add a new service category. • Admin can delete the service category and service details.


• Admin can manage the customer details. • Admin can add a new customer detail. • Admin can search for a customer details via search box. • Admin can import the customer details.


• Admin can manage the payment details of the customer. • Admin can filter the payment details via date, payment type, customers, providers and services details.


• Admin can set the service details under category, service, employee and number of persons. • Admin schedule for the service. • Admin can add the details of the customer. • Admin can supervise the payment details. • Admin can create the greetings to the successfully booked customers.

Custom fields:

• Admin can add some custom fields


• Admin can manage the general settings. • Admin can merge the company details. • Admin can supervise the customers. • Admin can manage the Google calendar. • Admin can manage the WooCommerce details. • Admin can manage the payments details. • Admin can guide the business hours and holiday details.