Car dealership Script

Car dealership script will contribute any dealership website with a great car business system. If you've been pursuing for an intuitive car dealership script that will assist you to manage car details more conveniently. This script is suiting for car dealers and start-up entrepreneur. Neither than listing, this script has some recognized amazing functionalities like PayPal payment integration, loan calculation, online shop management, high level advance search model, Google optimized, multi-language support, easy to installation with reinforce of a group subsists of proficient technicians. The greatest advantage of this script is you can compare for your favorite cars along with costing and technical specifications.

This php car Dealer Website has persuasive online shopping cart is implemented. This script has an added advantage of progressive search option which is used to search by some keywords like condition, body, make, model, year, transmission, interior and exterior color. Through this website user can procure for the car. This script has procurable in different modes as single dealership mode and multiple dealership modes. Administrator can monitor everything with ease. We provide the full source code which is not encrypted, so you can make modifications in them. The design can be customized to match your needs and they can be used with different templates.


Sign up

• User can REGISTER into a new account. • Conformation Mail send to Registered E-mail

Sign in

• User can Login with valid Username and password • User have forget password option • Forget password mail send to required Email address

Home page:

• User can view new car with detail • User can view with used cars with detail • User have quick search option • User can view the images of cars with price tag and model name. • User can view some functionality of the car.

Car detail page

• User can view car with detail • Each car contains their detail • User can view additional information about car like technical and feature option • User can view their contact detail • User can send inquiry to the author • User have compare option • User can book the test drive • User can share the details through Social network • User have financial calculator option


• User can choose their favorite functionality from the given list. • User can sort by mileage or date or price. • User can compare two products. • User can view by grid or list.


• User can schedule for service by giving the appropriate details • User can view the services that given by the dealer.

Loan calculator

• User have the financial calculator option


• User can search for their favorite car by keywords. • Categorized output is shown to the user search. • User can select a car name from search result. • User can search the car by • condition • Body • Make • Model • Year • Transmission • Exterior color • Interior color

Accessories management

• User can get the accessories details in shop option. • User can get product description, additional description and reviews • User can be suggested by the related products. • User can add the product to the cart list.


• User can view the cart items. • User can use the coupon code. • User can purchase with multiple payment gateway.


• User can add cars to compare. • User can view with detailed.


• User can sign-up for the newsletter in car dealer script • User gets the information through the mail.


• User can view blog with detail • Each blog contains their detail • User have post review option • User can share the details through Social network

CMS page

• Contact • About us • Privacy policy • Terms & Condition • Social network Connection


Log in

• Admin can log in with valid username and password. • Forms are validated with Jquery .


• Admin can view the recent activities and commerce status. • Admin can view page at glance. • Admin can take quick notes by using quick draft.


• Admin can manage the posts and update the posts. • Admin can add new posts and categorize the car details. • Admin can search the different types of cars. vAdmin can tag the car details. • Admin can trash or modify the post.


• Admin can manage the media. • Admin can search the image from the given data. • Admin can filter the media using date and categories.


• Admin can manage all the pages. • Admin can search from search box in pages. • Admin can filter by date and SEO score. • Admin can trash or modify the pages. • Admin can add new page.


• Admin can manage the comments. • Admin can search for search box in comments. • Admin can trash or modified the comments. • Admin can filter the comment by using pings and comments.

Contact forms

• All contact form is managed by the admin. • Contact forms are filtered using date, category. • Admin can search contact form using search box.

Order management

• Admin can manage the orders. • Orders are filtered using date and customer list. • Admin can search order using search box.


• Admin can manage the coupons. • Coupons are filtered using date and customer list. • Admin can search coupon using search box.


• Admin can take report by date, customer and stock. • Admin can take report under the category of week, month and year. • Admin can check the system status. • Admin can manage Add-ons.

Product management

• Product: • Tags • Attributes


• Admin can manage user detail. • Users are filtered using role. • Admin can search user by name, Email.


• Admin can manage the theme settings. • Admin can customize the appearance. • Admin can manage widgets, menus and dealership icon management.


• Admin can regenerate thumbnails for all products. • Admin can manage import and export details.

General settings:

• Admin can manage • Site title • Site address • E-Mail address • Time zone and time format • Site language • Payment gateway • Manage social network login setting • Admin manage visual composer general settings


• Appointment: • Staff members • Services • Customers • Email notifications • Payments • Appearance • Customer details • Settings