Auto Classifieds Script

Our Car Classifieds Script is a scalable and highly customizable script to build used cars and auto classified website. It is best suitable for Private Auto Dealers, Auto Dealership Companies and other Enterprises selling Vehicles. The script offers responsive design, powerful functionalities, gamut of features and a variety of monetization options. It can be not only be used for car classifieds but also can be easily customized for two-wheelers and any other commercial vehicles.

Our Auto Classifieds Script displays the recently added cars, new cars, old cars, featured cars, local agents, accessories available for sale, customer reviews, recently added merchants, brands available, etc. Thus, the website will contain the key widgets that the customers usually look out for.

Users can search the cars using the car body type, car name, price and model details and view car rates ranging from high to low and versa. Also, it consists of the shop feature through which the users can shop for the car accessories. In addition to this, the users too can list their cars for sale through admin approval. They can list the classifieds along with the images, make, model, price and other such details. We have a cart option for the users where they can add their selected cars in order to choose from. Users can sign up for the affiliate. Through affiliation the users can earn certain percentage of commission as defined by the admin. Users can subscribe to the membership plans and upgrade them. They can use the multiple payment options for online payment. They can send enquiry for cars. They can login and share the ads using social media. They can also subscribe to the newsletters.

Countless car dealers and agents can list their vehicles on the site. Car Dealer Website Script gives the reins of the site in the hands of the site admin. The admin approves and defines the costing of all the listings of the classifieds, banner ads and membership plans. The admin manages the listing of used and new cars and approves the details, specifications, images, etc. Our script supports multi-city so that local agents belonging to the city as per selection are displayed on the home page and this is managed by the admin. Orders are managed by the admin and discount coupons are defined and approved. The admin manages the customer details. The site is effectively managed due to detailed reports weekly, monthly and yearly. The accessories are uploaded on admin approval. The testimonials are uploaded after the admin decision. Also, the blog posts and reviews are posted after admin approval. The admin can send newsletters to the users about the latest additions, discounts, etc.

Our script is easy-to-use and any layman can easily navigate through the site. It is search engine optimized to give you better visibility in search engine. We have developed a secure coding which truly makes us proud to offer 10 years technical support. We also provide full source code with free updates for 5 years and a Brand free product.

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User View


• User can find the “Registration” in top of the website • User can register with valid E-mail address and Password • Conformation mail sent to registered mail

Sign in:

• User login with valid username and password • Forget password option also available in login form • User can re-set the password using registered mail-Id

Home screen:

• User can view various car ads with car name and car image • Cars are displayed with price details • User can search cars by search engine • User can view featured cars with detail • User have multi language select option • User can view various testimonials with description


• User can view car with image • Each car contains their details • User can view car price with their desired currency rate • User can view car more specification • User can view car added features • User can apply for the loan • User can send a enquiry about car • User can view author profile with their detail • User can share car details with social networks


• User can search cars using car body type • User can search cars by city and price and model details • User can view sort car rates by high price to low price and low price to high price

Dealer search:

• User can view car dealer details • User can view their contact details

Vehicle comparison:

• User can compare the car • User can view different between the cars


• User can buy car accessories • User can view car accessories with image • Each accessories contains their description •User can post a comment • User can give star rating for the accessories

Sell car:

• User can sell a car • Entering details of the car • Adding additional feature of car • Entering price details of the car • Uploading car image and video

Buy car:

• Search car using search engine • Get details of car • Contact with dealer by mobile and Email • Book test drive


• User can buy product using cart • User can manage selected accessories in cart • User can use their coupon code • User can mention their billing address • User can choose their payment method • User can use payment method of direct bank transfer , cheque payment and PayPal


• User can manage their profile • User can manage their social network pages • User can manage their billing address • User can change their password


• User can manage their posted car ads • User can mange saved car • User can manage their saved searches of car

Add car:

• User can add new car with details • Entering additional details and media

Membership plan:

• User can view their membership plan • User can upgrade their plan to create more ads

Vehicle comparison:

• User can compare the car • User can view different between the cars


• User can apply for affiliate • User get affiliate link • User can get view their transaction detail in affiliate link


• User can view various blog with title • Each blog contains their description and image • User can post a comment

CMS Page:

• Contact us • Privacy policy • Terms of Service • Social network connections

Admin View


• Admin can login with valid username and password • Form is validated with JQuery • Forget password option also available in login form


• Admin can view comments and pages at a glance • Recent published post can be view by admin • Admin can take quick notes using quick draft • Admin can view order management statistics and status

Car management:

• Admin can add and manage car • Cars are filtered using date • Admin can search using search box • Admin can add and manage feature to the car • Admin can add and manage specification to the car  

Order management:

•Orders • Coupons • Reports • Admin can view system status

Accessories management:

• Accessories • Category • Tags • Shipping class

Membership plan:

• Admin can add and manage membership plan • Plans are filtered using date • Admin can search plan using search box


• All blog posts are managed by the admin • Posts are filtered using date, category • Admin can search post using search box • Admin can add and manage new category for the post • Admin can add and manage new keyword for the post

Affiliate management:

• Media: • Pages: • Comments: • Testimonials: • Gallery: • Staff members: • Users: • General settings