Advance eCommerce Script

When you plan to start an Marketplace Website Script there are plenty of things you need to manage alongwith decision making of what to sell, inventory maintenance and payment, hence a Readymade Ecommerce Script or Advance e-Commerce Store is the easiest solution and it would help you to effectively manage your website. It is a rich combination of features at a minimal cost.

Ecommerce Script is developed by our technical experts keeping in mind the latest trends in market and it is 100% responsive design. It supports unlimited number of categories and sub-categories .

If you Buy it  today – $100 USD Worth Following Plugins Free

Free Plugin for multivendor
197 Multi language plugin
Woocommerce Gift Card plugin
Refer A Friend for WooCommerce plugin
Smart Offers – Woocommerce Extension
Amazon Affiliates Wordpress Plugin
WooCommerce Coupons Countdown
WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager
PDF Invoice Plugin
Social Login and Checkout Plugin

User-Friendly: Our Advance e-Commerce Store is developed in extremely user-friendly manner so that the users can easily view the products by the various search options such as search with brand name, name of the product etc. They can also easily view the stock details and wishlist .

Blogs, Newsletters, Testimonials: The script supports for blogs, newsletters and testimonials which gives your website good ranking in Google as well generate some revenue for you.

Admin Management: PHP Ecommerce Script gives full website control rights to the admin. The admin can manage all the orders, reports, coupons, products, brands, CMS pages, site language.

Easy Monetization: The admin can earn good profits by setting percentage of commission for vendor transactions and also through various banner ads.

SEO Friendly: The Advance e-Commerce Store has a very SEO friendly URL so that your website will always remain in top rank of the Google search pages.

Security: We have a highly secure code which will keep your website free from hacker attacks. Also we have the Two Factor Authentication for the login security which is used in Banks and Military services.

Social Media & Payment Gateway: Our script is integrated with various social media and also supports multiple payment gateway.

Personalization: We have a live demo to give you clear picture of how the product actually works and you can easily personalize as per your suitable needs since we have developed using open source code.

Support Post-Sales: Our support continues even after you buy the product. We offer full technical support for 1 year, 6 months free update and brand free product!

User View

Sign up:

• User can find the “Register” top of the website • User can register with valid E-mail address and Password • Conformation mail send to registered mail

Sign in:

• User login with valid username and password • Forget option also available in login form • User can Re-set the password using Registered mail-Id

Home screen:

• User can view various products with description • User search products by category and product name • User can view various brands • User have quick search option • User can view testimonials • User can view brands with their logo

Product management:

• User can view the products with image • Each products contains their description • User can view multiple images of the product • User can add product to wish list • User can post a review with star rating


• User can search product using desired keywords • Every products are categorized by various categories • User have sorting option in search result


• User can manage their profile • User can change billing and shipping address


• User can buy product using cart • User can manage selected product in cart • User can use coupon code • User can choose their payment method • User can pay their payment using direct bank transfer , cheque payment and PayPal

Wish list:

• User can view wish list products • User can view stock details • User can buy wish list products • User can share wishlist details with social networks


• Allow unlimited users to signup • User can receive unlimited emails from the site • User can signup for the newsletter • Newsletter option also available in registration form


• User can view banners • User re-direct their ads links • User also can view Google ads

Orders and returns:

• User can manage order details • User can replace or return a product

Site map:

• User can navigate easily using sitemap • Pages and categories are used to navigate through out the site


• User can view various blog with detail • Each blog contains their details • User can post comment in blog • User can share blog details through social networks

CMS Page:

• Contact us • Support • Terms & Conditions • Privacy policy • Testimonials • About us • Store location • Our company • Social network connections

Admin View


• Admin can login with valid username and password • Form is validated with JQuery • Forget option also available in login form


• Admin can view comments and pages at a glance • Recent published post can be view by admin • Admin can take quick notes using quick draft


• All posts are managed by the admin • Posts are filtered using date, category • Admin can search post using search box • Admin can add and manage new category for the post • Admin can add and manage new keyword for the post


• All brands are managed by the admin • Brands are filtered using date and category • Admin can search brands using search box


• All testimonials are managed by the admin • Testimonials are filtered using date • Admin can search testimonials using search box


• All media are managed by the admin • Media are filtered using date, category • Admin can search media using search box


• All pages are managed by the admin • Pages are filtered using date, category • Admin can search pages using search box


• All comments are managed by the admin • Comments are filtered using date, category • Admin can search comments using search box


• All contact form are managed by the admin • Contact forms are filtered using date, category • Admin can search contact form using search box

Order management:


• All orders are managed by the admin • Orders are filtered using date, customer name • Admin can search order using search box


• All coupons are managed by the admin • Coupons are filtered using date, type • Admin can search coupons using search box


• Admin can take reports of orders, customers and stock • Admin can take reports by week, month and year • Admin can view system status

Product management:


• All products are managed by the admin • Products are filtered using date, category, type • Admin can search products using search box


• All category are managed by the admin • Category are filtered using name • Admin can search category using search box • Admin can add and manage new category for the products


• All tags are managed by the admin • Tags are filtered using name • Admin can search tags using search box • Admin can add and manage new tags for the products


• Admin can manage user detail • Users are filtered using role • Admin can search user by name, Email

General settings:

• Admin can manage • Site title • Site address • E-Mail address • Time zone • Date and time format • Site language • Payment gateway


• PSM Settings • Admin can manage site logo and Favicon • Admin can manage layout of the site • Admin can manage background image and color settings • Admin can manage PayPal settings